Grab the Shovels: Blizzard Dig Out Begins Amid Bitter Cold Temps

Impact of 2011 Unrest in Saharan Africa on South Asian Crude Market

A political and civil unrest throughout Middle East and Saharan Africa marked beginning of year 2011. This region has special significance as it is rich in crude oil production. Not only majority of the world’s requirement of crude is produced in this region it also forms major sea route for transporting cargo to South Asian Markets. Instability in the region would bear direct and immediate correlation with crude prices.

Bolivia Mounts a New Campaign to Legitimize Coca Amid Wave of Anti-US Sentiment in South America

A look at how Bolivia’s president is resisting coca eradication efforts in his country by the United States. Also a look at how drug-related policies have been unchanged from one U.S. president to the next.

Gujarat Is The First One To Take Action On Climate Change By Setting Up A Solar Park At Patan

The applause of thousands of people was heard all over Patan on December 30, with the launch of The Solar Power Park. Chief Minister Narendra Modi formally launched the work on the power plant which will be set up at Charanka village in Patan district.

What Should the New Egyptian Government Look Like in the Future?

The other day I got into a very interesting conversation with an international acquaintance looking forward after the demonstrations, protests, and riots in Egypt and anyway we got to talking about what the future government should look like in Egypt. Well, first we talked about whether it ought to be a dictatorship or democracy. But I cringe on the concept of a pure-democracy, I rather fancy a republic and representative government set up.

Will the New Egyptian Government Survive the Transition – It Might

The other day I was speaking with an Internationally Known blogger in London about the Egyptian riots, and protests, and how it was coming to an end and how things needed to move forward to be fair for all concerned. My acquaintance and I surely were sending forth the verbal debating points, and then he jokingly stated; “Clearly I am too much of a dunce to see much beyond the options of elected representation or a dictatorship.” Well, I guess in designing a transitional government team and modifying things for the operations of the government and its constitution…

The Future of the GCC Economy

As European countries implement austerity measures to quell the spread of the Greek sovereign debt crisis, doubts arise about the crisis impact on GCC economies. Despite their strong economic recovery, falling oil prices may make current GCC government spending unsustainable in the medium run. The region’s high dependence on oil revenues may once more prove a liability to its economies.

Turmoil In Egypt! What Does This Mean For You And Me?

None of us like to see the chaos emerging in Egypt, and what seems to be a cascading effect through Tunisia, Syria, and now Pakistan. Well what does this really mean for you and me? Can we profit from this turmoil, or is it all bad?

Days of Reckoning for Hosni Mubarak

Egypt was ruled by King Farrukh in the early fifties. However a military Coup led to the establishment of dictatorship under Gamal A Nasser and Farrukh fled Egypt. This man had an allergy to   Israel and the Western powers,notably England and France.

China Continues to Invest in Iraqi Oil

Oil production is set to increase 70% to 170,000 barrels per day by the end of 2011. The extra barrels will come from the Halfaya oil field. A Chinese led consortium has won the licenses to drill new wells in Halfaya.

Egypt’s Online Media Blackout Does Little to Hamper Media Communications

Egypt remains in political turmoil but at least it’s media is more or less back on track. But even an online blackout couldn’t stop people from using online media to get the word out.

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