Gas Explosion in the Bronx Leads to Injuries, Partial Building Collapse

We Are Dying and Taking Everyone With Us

The mass suicide of religious cults seen in recent years is nothing compared to what is about to strike the world. There will not be too many of us left alive when the current population explodes with the next generation of massive increase in our numbers. There will be little food, fewer houses or places to live, less oxygen in the air to breath and we will be standing on top of one another and on corpses in our struggles to get the last drop of drinking water or bit to eat. That is the future now upon us.

Ghana Life: Meeting Ghana’s Rulers

One big advantage of living and working in a small country is the greater opportunity provided to meet prominent people, even prime ministers, military dictators and heads of state. During twenty six years in Ghana I was able to meet several of the prominent individuals who held power throughout the period 1971 to 1997. When I first arrived in Ghana on 3 February 1971, Mr E Akuffo-Addo was President but the person in charge of government was the Prime Minister Dr K A Busia. Over the next eleven years there were five changes of regime until the ‘second coming’ of Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings on 31 December 1981 heralded a period of 19 years and seven days of unbroken rule.

Falklands Still A Hot Spot In A Cold Southern Ocean

The Falklands are still a global hot spot. The U.S. and Brazil could get dragged into the long-running Anglo-Argentine dispute.

Why Teaching NLP in Mainstream Education Would Greatly Benefit Societies

What would be the concrete paybacks for governments and taxpayers of every cultural background, generation, and social standing in implementing teaching NLP into mainstream education? Find them listed here.

ASEAN, Lets Get This Party Started!

The new emerging South East Asia Nations have become the main spotlight for today’s economy power in turns for captivating China in their Northern border. ASEAN have become one of the main dance competitors for other expert dancers such as USA and European Nations in order to pursue their domination in the world dance floor. The writer would like to express this competition as a ballroom dance competition where ASEAN have turn on their new clothes in extraordinary design to captivate the eyes of the audience.

How to Reindustriailize the Western World: Science Cities

When certain countries rediscover the political will to engage in macro level high tech industry and infrastructure building, they should keep in mind a few simple things. Physical architecture to spur creativity and plug and play integrated chains from concept to industrial production.

China and North Korean Refugees in the Eyes and Lens of Katharina Hesse

Katharina Hesse is a Beijing-based German photographer whose transcendent images have graced the pages of Newsweek, TIME Asia, and Der Spiegel, one of Europe’s leading publications. There’s nothing shy about Hesse’s photographs, as they rarely appear posed. Their raw honesty tells a tale of stark, but often beautiful realities.

Washington Pressurizes Seoul to Slash Down Iranian Oil Imports

A U.S. delegation led by U.S. State Department’s special adviser for nonproliferation and arms control, Robert Einhorn is pressurizing South Korea to slash down Iranian oil imports justifying Washington’s intentions of tightening the noose around Iran’s nuclear program. However, Seoul who depends upon U.S. for its security warned that slashing Iranian oil imports would lead to an increase in oil prices in addition to difficulty in finding replacement for crude supplies.

FDA Inspections and China – Something Is Drastically Amiss Here, There, Heck, Everywhere

It seems every day we read about some of the challenges with the products made in China coming into the United States. Now we all know a couple of years ago we had some challenges with drywall which had improper chemicals in it, and toys which were painted with lead paint. We also know about the protein compounds which were fed to fish, and poultry, which was not FDA approved, ending up in the human food chain and on tables across America – quite problematic to say the least.

A Focus On Burma And China Border – With Patrick Boehler of The Irrawaddy

To learn more about the changes that are sweeping Burma, AsianTalks spoke to Patrick Boehler, a Hong Kong-based contributor at The Irrawaddy, founded in 1993 by dissidents with an exclusive focus on Burma. Boehler maintained guarded optimism for Burma’s future, provided insight into Sino-Burmese relations, and expressed understandable admiration for his fellow Burmese journalists-in-exile who have played no small role in bringing about change. “I feel very privileged to contribute to a newspaper run by Burmese,” the soft-spoken Boehler noted. “Launching a journalism career is not easy anywhere right now, but it is probably still easiest in East and Southeast Asia. So a lot of people try to work here.”

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