Funeral for Firefighter Jesse Gerhard

Internet Policy and Cultural Understanding

What Americans perceive as “restrictive,” looking at a culture from the outside, might be viewed very differently from the inside. This applies as much to internet policy as it does to something as thorny as political structure and how a government treats its citizens.

Israel – Home Of Innovation

In proportion to its population, except the U.S., Israel has the largest number of high tech start-up companies in the world, some 3,500, and the largest number of NASDAQ listed companies. Venture capitals around the world are cognizant of this fact and invest billions of dollars in these companies. Giant companies such as Google, Microsoft, Kodak, Cisco, HP, Motorola, Intel and many more have large scale research and development centers in Israel.

Volunteer Work Abroad

The travel and tourism industry is the largest, and most quickly growing industry in the world, to date. It has been seen, also, that the industry has given birth to new industry – ‘voluntourism’.

Famous French Quotes and Their American Counterparts

The relationship between France and the United States has often been strained, with one side often criticizing the other over some perceived cultural deficiency. In recent history, certain popular elements in the United States have taken to labelling France as a nation of wimps as a result of France not backing the U.S.

Children Forced to Work in Sweatshops

The International Labor Organization (ILO) believes at least 250 million children, between the ages of fourteen and five, work in developing countries. 32% in Africa, 61% in Asia and 7% in Latin America. Some are confined and beaten and used as slave labour.

Living Beyond Experiences

The greatest difficulty man has in learning is experience. Not too many people can really afford to live beyond sheer experience of their immediate environment. Man brain is somehow programmed to learn by experience which involves hearing, touching, and observing the relativity of man and his environment.

Child Labour – An International Conspiracy

The United Nations’ advocacy to combat Child Labour through ‘Conventions of the Rights of the Child’ became universally accepted and ratified by 190 states in less than a decade since its inception in 1989. Regulation of labour issues had been entrusted with the International Labour Organization (ILO) which promoted the eradication of child labour by setting up a minimum age for employment.

The Significance of the Kimberly Process

The Kimberly Process, commonly known as KP, is a joint venture of governments, industry and civil society to stop the flow of inconsistent and rough diamonds that are used by rebel movements to fund wars against lawful governments. The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme enforces far reaching requirements on its members to permit them to endorse shipments of rough diamonds as ‘conflict free.’

IPs and the Web

The Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines are a vanishing lot. What led to this? What future awaits them?

Brazil’s Long Term Growth – Walmart’s Perspective

An interview with Jamey Barbour, Development Director for Walmart Brazil. As the largest retail organisation in the US, the company needs very little introduction – we discuss the 15 year history in the country, opportunities, risks, market idiosyncrasies as well as future plans.

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