Funeral for Firefighter Jesse Gerhard

Sindh – The New Epicenter of Global Instability

Sindh has always been a fertile and rich country. For thousands of years, it had maintained trade links with other countries, some of them in far-flung regions of the world. Historians have found evidence that ships carrying merchandise from Sindh regularly called at the ports of Egypt, Java, China and Sri Lanka.

Highly Skilled Migrant Programme Has Been Replaced by Tier 1 (General) Visa

HSMP also known as Highly Skilled Migrant Program now has been converted into Tier 1 visa of new points-based system for immigration of United Kingdom. New points-based immigration system is divided into five different categories and Tier 1 is among them.

Globalisation, an Investigation by Looking at Its Origins and Effects

In this article globalisation is investigated from an economic, technological and socio-political perspective. Secondly we will look at the origins of globalisation and the impact globalisation has had upon the individual and society. We will then look at the advantages and disadvantages globalisation has had.

Why Does Every Country Have a National Flag?

How did flags come to be? All of us have seen world flags, and we can surely recognize at least five. We all know what flags are – they are a piece of women cloth that is often flown from a mast and is generally symbolic in nature.

The Largest Tax-Free Storage Area in the World

As Swiss and other private banks are increasingly moving asset protection and wealth management functions to Singapore subsidiaries, another interesting news item recently was the opening of Singapore FreePort. Singapore FreePort is a state-of-the-art secure storage facility that operates in its own duty-free zone adjacent to Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Globalization and Global Problems in the World

The term globalization is widely used in scientific literature, social journalism and politics. It is described as strengthened economic interdependence and interrelationship between all countries of the world.

Great Britain’s Very Own ‘Black Gold’ Fight!

The new Foreign Secretary, William Hague, will have been in office for only one day, and already a storm is brewing on the horizon. This storm takes place close to an old battle zone, in the form of the Falkland Islands.

Super Power Pawn Or Pakistani Political Pride?

It’s hard to say if you follow geopolitics, but there is a lot going on in Pakistan, and although NATO forces are focused in Afghanistan next door, what happens in Pakistan does affect the United States, as well as our other trading partner India next door on the other side and China which borders Pakistan as well. Pakistan is in a very strategic location, and it is a nuclear power, along with nuclear weapons. We must take what happens there seriously, and it is in both in our national interests, and the interests of our allies and neighbors that we are always on good terms with Pakistan.

Swedish Princess Madeleine’s Engagement Confirmed!

The charming Swedish Princess Madeleine, baptized as Madeleine Therese Amelie Josephine is so enthusiastic because of her engagement. The beautiful Madeleine of Sweden is the youngest of the three children in the current Swedish Royal Family. She was born on June 10, 1982 at the Drottningholm Palace in Sweden. The 27 year-old princess got engaged to her lawyer boyfriend Jonas Bergstrom last year, August of 2009.

BP Oil Spill and Bhopal Gas Disaster – A Tale of Two Societies

Recently two tragic stories have been making headline, one is the BP oil spill in US and the other a decision on the biggest industrial disaster ever on earth in Bhopal (Union Carbide gas leak now owned by DOW chemicals.) Let me take up the first case of BP oil spill, its considered to be the biggest environmental disaster in US history ever, the American president is evidently angry and has made BP pay for it, yes a good $20 billion dollars, the casualties is mainly the environment and yes the company has rightly been made to pay up…

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