Full press conference: Orange County Sheriff gives update on Miya Marcano investigation


Ethnicity Syndrome and Political Nationalism in Nigeria

Nigeria, the Giant of Africa, can boast of her salient Political Nationalists. They are sometimes called “Freedomites”. Most of our children in Schools are constantly reminded of their heroic deeds.

Arc of Instability – Our Global Human Relationships

Many will contend that there is far too much chaos on Earth these days. Well, I’d say the Earth is fine, it’s all the humans on the surface of this Pale Blue Dot that cannot for the life of them get along. Is our current instability sustainable, favorable or even profitable? Oh sure, some might make potentially large sums of money temporarily but even those individuals or corporations would make far more by expanding the pie, rather than trying to control the pie from growing – after all, international cooperation and trade is NOT a zero sum game.

Decent Into Darkness

As time marches on the tempo of life has filled the world with an anxiousness, a foreboding premonition of darker times ahead. Today, the world has morphed into a more violent and troubled place. A place that is far removed form the serenity of those glorious days of yesteryear.

International Business

In today’s society, businesses must deal with and overcome all different types of issues within their company. Many businesses could have international or global issues within the company. For example, airline companies mostly deal with international issues throughout their years. Each business handles and approaches each issues a different way trying to discover as many solutions as possible.

Why War On Syria Is Not A Collective Failure As Supposedly Interpreted By United Nations

The recent war in Syria has been vehemently condemned by various quarters and the honorable United Nations has even interpreted it as a “collective failure”. But I will tell you how it is not.

Religious History Comprises Deeds of Torture, Murder, Blood, Theft, Genocide and Anti-Spirit

The world is stunned by the brutality of Islamic fighters who claim to act for God when they murder people and destroy images related to past behaviour. Their goal is to change people’s habits and get converts to their faith. What needs to be realised is that their actions are no different to those of any other religion, which throughout history conducted similar onslaughts.

VE DAY: Victory in Europe

Nineteen Forty Five was an extraordinary year. It was the year when no one was elected to the baseball’s Hall of Fame, the year that Peru, Paraguay, Chile and Ecuador joined the UN, and according to ContactLensKing.com, the year Alcon, one of the world’s largest eye care companies, was founded. However, reigning above all possible achievements occurring in 1945 there is one that overshadowed all others, and one that was a defining moment which helped cultivate a path towards global freedom and prosperity namely, VE Day. On May 8th the United States and Great Britain celebrate this day as the official marker of Nazi Germany’s defeat.

Why the Misinformed Pope Misleads the World

While the Pope appears to be gentle, loving, and all forgiving one must question his education and even intellect. Is it a result of brain-washing from birth that he persists to claim the existence of heaven and hell, or a case of good business practices for the Catholic Brand that his messages are of such deceit? Much of the world’s population have woken up to the fact that neither place exists and yet they listen to his messages.

World Leaders and Their Misguided Principles Are Destroying Us

When Donald Trump, the President of the United States, announced that religions have the right to object to tax funded abortions he was acting in accordance with the views of many world leaders. But by what right do they make the call that abortions should cease? What is lacking in their mental capacity that they fail to see the damage that over-population and unwanted children are doing to societies world-wide?

India-China Bilateral Trade: FDI Inflow In India Increasing

Right from the 35th position in 2011, China emerged as the 17th largest investor in India in 2016, as in one of the most-paced source of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the country. As of 2011, the sum total of the Chinese investments in the country was about 100 million USD. In 2016, it grew to an unprecedented amount of a record 1 billion USD. This being said, the Indian and Chinese statistics differ on aggregate figures.

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