FULL PARADE: New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2022

Hong Kong Container Port – A Mini City

Did you know millions of products sold all over the world are manufactured in China? China is where Nike makes 50% of its shoes. 85% of the toys created by Hasbro, Mattel and Toys R’ Us are manufactured in China. Most Dell and Hewlett Packard computers are made in China. Radio Shack sells items from three hundred different factories in mainland China.

The 2009 Tsunami Warning For Hawaii and California – Get Prepared Now

Tsunamis are terrifying events created by mother nature, and have the power to take the lives of thousands, if not millions of people. Recent earthquakes have caused more tsunamis, leading officials to start giving out heads up warnings about the possibilities of tsunamis near the United States.

Making Roads Safer In Nigeria

The federal government of Nigeria should come out now with a new National Safety Action Plan or Road Safety Improvement Action Plan for duration of 10years (2010-2010). This should be a development of a comprehensive, consensus strategic plan which will involve, federal road safety, police force, federal and all state ministries of road and transport, health, education, road engineers, policy makers, insurance companies, automobile companies, motoring association, psychologists, industrial representatives, consultants and researchers on road safety, driver trainers (driving schools) mass media, community leaders, youth organisations and others who have a stake in road safety.

The Smiling Elephant Project

The Chang Yim ( Smiling Elephant ) project was set up by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to remove roaming elephants from Bangkok’s city streets and get them back to their natural environment or a close proximity thereof. The BMA is taking aim at Bangkok’s mahout’s who drive these gentle beasts throughout the city to beg for coins and perform tricks for tourist dollars.

Bolivia and Evo Morales – Another Sharp Left Turn and It’s All Downhill From La Paz

The duly elected President of Bolivia is Evo Morales, and he is very popular amongst the indigenous Indians that live in that region and have for thousands of years. In fact, Evo Morales is the first native Indian to be elected President of Bolivia. Still, since he has nationalized energy companies, mining corporations, and telecommunication firms he is thought to be one of the most anti-capitalist presidents of all of South America; perhaps, in a tie with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

One Telecom and Business Idea For Ramallah and Palestine

Innovation is a catalyst for change in personal lives, education, how we work, and community life. All are components that may fill a fundamental requirement for continued economic development. In Ramallah there are many challenges to overcome in the journey from the current situation, to being in a competitive pool with other developing and modern countries.

Crisis VAT Increases – Sweeps Across Europe

In a stark warning to all countries facing spiraling debt, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Croatia are all now imposing further VAT increases to help shore up their faltering finances. They join other countries such as Ireland and Hungary forced into recent crisis VAT hikes, with a number Western countries seemingly certain to follow.

Why is Bolivia Allowing Itself to Be Over Charged For Military Assets by Pakistan?

Bolivia had reneged on all its obligations, foreign debt, and had nationalized many companies owned by foreign corporations thus, effectively stealing their assets, infrastructure, improvements, buildings, and cash flow. You can imagine how this would make other potential investors sketchy in the future. Indeed it had caused economic decay in their nation, but their leader promised that the economic issues were due to the capitalists.

Chinese Illegal Aliens Crossing Into US Via Mexican Border

Did you know that the US border patrol is now catching huge numbers of Chinese illegal aliens trying to cross over the border from Mexico? It’s true, and whereas, many people feel that illegal aliens are just coming to build a better life, they better be very careful because there are 1.3 billion Chinese who would love to live in “the beautiful country” or United States.

BRIC a Bad Influence on Brazil – Nation Wants Nuclear Weapons For Deterrence and Respect

In a surprise move Brazil’s Vice President has stated that he believes Brazil needs nuclear weapons to protect its offshore oil assets. Still, Brazil is friends with rogue nations, BRIC, ALBA, EU, WTO, UN, and the United States of America. So therefore, it is rather bizarre that Jose Alencar, the Vice President of Brazil would claim that it needs a nuclear weapons deterrent.

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