Friends, family of missing 19-year-old pleads for help

Why Man’s Vomit Has Confused The World

The things that man has put out there has built a thick layer of dark black goo that nothing can penetrate, It is called the vomit or even excreta of men because they sought power and control and to be higher and greater than the God that created them. The Internet was shown to me in a vision as the bright light that will cut through the filth and destroy it.

Herzog’s Plan: Security Barrier Around the Major Settlement Blocs of West Bank

‘I wish to separate from as many Palestinians as possible, as quickly as possible.’ (Isaac Herzog) The failure to reach an agreement to Israel-Palestine conflict during last two decades has destroyed the belief within the respective societies that an agreement is possible in the foreseeable future. With this history the only conclusion to solve Israel-Palestine conflict is to find a new approach to the peace process.

The Answers to All Questions Are Free and Available to Everyone

The Internet is the miracle of the age. It sends information to everyone in whatever part of the world they are in. The people are flooding to it and the answers to every question is on it. No longer does the dark world of religions control the world and the blindness they have created is now overcome.

The Stage Is Set for the Final Conflict

The looming conflict will be severe and is guaranteed in Old Testament prophecies to change the state of the world as we know it. It is in the plan of God to remove the worshipers of false gods and the religions that set them up and mislead their followers. These things are the work of the two beasts of Revelation and their job is finished.

The New Path to Glory

Gory is a magical word that encompasses so much from success to happiness, from death to life, and from religions to the Spirit of God. Those who have the Spirit know what true glory means while those in religious circles struggle to achieve it. With the return of the Spirit many are now in a state of glory and the miracles and power is among them.

Brainwashed From Babies the Mind of a Terrorist Can’t Be Changed

The brain is a strong organ and it is full of channels and it stores messages taken in from birth. The channels have to be opened to work properly and when the majority of it is working then everything is taken on board and logic prevails. Brainwashing, however, makes it work differently.

FlyDubai Accident – Reflections About Death

No one can tell when death is around the corner. People rush to gymnasiums or go to jogging jaunts to keep fit. Professionals and Scientists assure us that air travel is now safer than before and the chances of dying in an air-crash are slim to none… But the recent Fly Dubai accident made me start to reflect on some important issues of life

In One Day the Loss of Children and Widowhood

As the world struggles under the weight of natural disasters coupled with terrorism and civil wars there is a reminder in prophecies that these things will happen. The people who believe in false gods, who worship the sun as a god, and who have no connection with the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, are in line for annihilation. While we wonder why people die suddenly as water floods their land, an earthquake buries them alive, or super fires wipe them out then look to the bible.

Zaha Hadid: The Nonpareil Impact On The World

It takes an artist to identify an artist, and Zaha Hadid was nothing less than a pure genius. People who are into the contemporary designs and architecture, would acknowledge the great loss the world has suffered of the Iraqi-British architect who left the world a little more fabulous than when she had entered it, on 31st March 2016 at the age of 65.

The Murderer Who Rose With the Light and Became the Thief of the Night (Job 24:14)

Unless one is shown the meaning of these words they are without importance but when the Spirit gave me to understand them they are among the most pertinent in the bible. The murderer is the first beast of Revelation and the night is the day that turned dark because of the second beast that is identified as 666. Together they are the same as the first built a huge wall of confusion and deceit and the second maintained it and strengthened it – he kept constant the things of the 1st beast.

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