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Great Storytelling Saves Lives

“Be the Change: Save a Life” was one of the most humane and unusual shows on ABC, launched as a yearlong project to focus attention on the diseases and health conditions that disproportionately afflict the world’s poorest people. ABC News is slated to invest more than $4.5 million in the series, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is giving a $1.

How to Accelerate the Development of Africa Using Trade and Not AID

‘AID to Africa’ is phrase that is not new to the majority in the Developed World. Looking at the economic and social condition in the developing world, especially, Africa, it would sound insane for anyone to campaign against foreign AID for Africa but that is what I will try to do here. For many years, African governments have largely depended on Western donors to fund everything from schools, roads and hospitals. In this article, I will suggest a growth model based on trade and less on AID…

Much Ado About WikiLeaks for Nothing

There is an article cautioning foreign travelers about the dangers arising out of WikiLeaks revelations. This article counters the arguments and alleys the baseless fear expressed by that author and reasons out why?

FMCSA Considering Cell Phone Ban for Truck Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has taken several steps in the course of the course of 2010 in order to increase their governance of the Transportation Industry as well as Freight Carrier Market. The FMCSA is not stopping at simply execution of controversial CSA 2010 Regulation. The Administration is actively seeking to control use of hand-held cellular phones by truckers and truck drivers.

Fatal Accidents Fell in 2010: Does Anyone Still Like to Think Health and Safety Is Ridiculous?

For those who whinge the next time they hear the well-trodden phrase health and safety’, perhaps the following pieces of news may help to dilute their disgruntled attitude. Now that we have moved into 2011, the statistics for the last year have been released, and they show that the relentless drive to save human lives seems to be working, in some areas at least. The first set of statistics concern Northern Ireland.

Silence Implies Approval

In December 2010 a mass was celebrated to honor the memory of the Croatian mass murderer Ante Pavelic. Just like a solemn requiem mass was celebrated in memory of Adolf Hitler after his death in 1945, the fact that this new mass was celebrated and the lack of official reaction from the Catholic Church is an indication of how little the Church was and is willing to distance itself from these mass murderers.

Oil Prices Up Even Though Demand Is Down

Why have oil prices, and therefore the price at the gas pump, risen so much recently, even though demand has actually dropped? Have you ever found it somewhat “interesting” that when the price of a barrel of oil goes up, the price at the gas pump goes up immediately, even though that gas won’t be in the system for about three months, but when the price of a barrel goes down, it takes considerably longer for pump prices to go down?

The Experience Vs Convenience

The cons of buying online are a concern but easily avoidable, the Internet can be a dangerous place. If not careful, an online shopper can easily find themselves being the victim of fraud.

What Do You Think are the Reasons We are Having Challenges in Iraq Still?

Last year, someone asked me what I thought were the mistakes, or reasons that the Iraq war had cost so much, and what I believed were the reasons and problems we still faced challenges in Iraq. Indeed, I thought about this for a few minutes and said; there are so many, below are some issues, needing attention, such as; 1. Sectarian violence continues…

Engagement Between Government and Citizen

Engagement is getting important in terms of government and citizen relationship. In one side government ask people to more engage and the other side people want to more participate. The area of engagement or collaboration between government and citizen not only via parliament but also directly through other means.

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