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Dubai – The Land Flowing With Oil And Money

Dubai is certainly the best pick for people in the third world nations to have a successful employment. The world is economically stratified even at a global scale. It is a good thing that people who belong to the less fortunate countries in terms of economics still has a place to go in order to fulfill their dreams. Dreams itself are cheap and free, but to make them a reality, one must have power and that power is through hard work and good pay.

Haiti, a Strong Case for Misplaced Development Assistance Rationale!

This is the visible part of the iceberg: only 20% of the aid pledged had been received so far…Nearly one year on, more than one million yet fortunate Haitians still live in camps. Donors and the international community were not working with Haitians to find solutions when channeling aid to those who need it. I need to have control over what they do in my country, where they do it and with whom they are doing it, and at what cost. It’s very difficult for me to give explanation for the use of money that I never receive…This is the process of intent of Mr Bellerive, Haitian Prime Minister!

Reform and Revolution in Aristocratic Societies

Although most of the liberal and nationalist objectives of the Revolution were mainly unfulfilled some of the liberal gains should not be considered insignificant. Results varied throughout the different countries. In Europe the liberals were able to make some very concrete progress. In France all men finally obtained the right to vote. In Austrian and German states the labor services of peasants were abolished. The revolutions of 1848 could be considered a failure only because the aristocrats were able to re establish their parliaments.

China Challenges US Hegemony

“Partners or competitors? Chinese President Hu arrives Washington for first summit superpowers century. China and USA granted paramount this state visit where both countries zoom try positions and reduce deep mistrust governs relationships. From side because Beijing considers Washington wants curb growth. Other because USA suspected economic practices Chinese and intentions military especially Pacific.

Pakistan And Turkey Agree On Strategic Partnership

Pakistan and Turkey agreed on Wednesday to upgrade their strategic partnership and economic cooperation and political movements. “Pakistan in education, defense, agriculture, education, energy and trade ties with Turkey in its relations between the two countries will strengthen the values” of his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul, President Asif Ali Zardari, with a joint press conference said. Noting that the “value” of Pakistan’s strategic partnership with Turkey, the visit of President Zardari also called for a political way, the economic and defense mechanisms ensuring coordination, online news agency reported.

A Peaceful Solution

It has taken me a great deal of thought to post about the shooting that took place in Tuscon recently. The media machine has eaten it alive, metabolizing its nutrients for a political volley game. The root of the problem of why the gentle lady, Congresswoman Giffords and the innocent lives, were terrorized is the control of message by the media machine.

US Dispatches Report the Corrupt Clan of President Ben Ali

the U.S. Embassy in Tunis, there is the “world compact” show the extent of corruption in the family clan of ex-President Ben Ali of Tunisia. In a series of four dispatches from the summer 2006 is “growing anger at the influence and of corruption in the country’s elite” is mentioned.

Conflict Diamonds Or Blood Diamonds All Equates To The Same Thing, Loss Of Innocent Lives

Many of the world leaders like Nelson Mandela have made it clear that diamonds play a very important role in the lives of many people in Africa. Also the Diamond Council along with 74 other Governments and NGO’s have agreed that future measures are needed to strengthen the Kimberly prepossess.

Jamaica’s New International Airport – Why Name It In Honour Of An Englishman?

To say I was shaken by the news of the opening of another international airport in Jamaica would be an exaggeration. But my interest was certainly stirred when I noticed that it was not named after some local son of the soil, like a deceased politician or sports champion.

Maldives Increases Service Tax Creating A Burden For Local Businesses

A new service tax passed in the Maldives is causing concern to inhabitants. There is concern that it will affect tourism.

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