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Is 2012’s Black Swan Taking Flight In The Middle East?

This year’s black swan may be taking flight in the Middle East. Chances rise for armed confrontation between Israel and Iran.

Security High Priority at London 2012 Games, Before During and After the Event

The games are set to be, not only the biggest peacetime event the UK has seen, but also the biggest policing operation our forces have had to tackle since the blitz. Proposed training initiatives are currently aimed at 250,000 officers and staff including how to tackle terrorist threats, public disorder, organised crime and what have been described as ‘natural hazards’. Nick Gargan, Chief Executive of the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) said, ‘Awareness training recognises that the games will need a massive national policing operation involving forces throughout the country to ensure that the games are policed effectively yet…

Global Stratification – Inequality Between Nations

I would like to say that the greatest inequality is not within nation, but between them. It is very important to know this point, as it helps to understand difference between social stratification and global stratification.

2012 Challenges and Trends in International Diplomacy

One hardly has to do much more than read the international headlines to understand that there are some challenges on the international diplomacy front. Let’s talk a little bit about some of these challenges. Let’s start in our own backyard with Mexico.

The Case FOR Iranian Nukes

Assuming the Israeli attacks were effective, succeeded in pre-empting a cataclysm-and didn’t precipitate a worse cataclysm-the U.S. should then demand Israelies abandon their own nuclear program in the interests of leveling the Mideast playing field. Let the chips fall as they may but, at the least, that proposal, which has as little chance of adoption as Iranians and Israelis converting to Christianity, would be equitable.

Demands of Middle Eastern Protesters

The “Arab Spring” has a chance to really last if the protesters formulate and demand a coherent anti-imperialist and mainly economic developmental program   Some have compared the CIA backed Middle Eastern protests to the failed wave of liberal uprising around Europe in 1848. That description however may only apply to the protests against the regional monarchies and not the Arab republics. Political currents of some of the key countries of the region are similar to pre-WW1 Europe: The Muslim world is where Europe was in 1850-1900.

Government and the Public in Syria and Russia

Russia has jointly blocked U.N. Security Council action against the government of Syria. This article shows what can be done about that U.N. veto.

Are We Close to Negotiation or War with Iran?

Okay so, suffice it to say that whatever we read in the news is probably BS, take a recent set of articles not long ago about the showdown over Iran’s nuclear weapons production. One set of news stories tells a tale of deceit by Iran, and an acceleration of their uranium enrichment according to the IAEA and United Nations. Another, talks about the Iranian Regime telling the world that it will negotiate but that the nuclear program will go on and increase no matter what, and regardless of international media propaganda against them.

Entrepreneurship in India and China

Entrepreneurs in India and China are driving global economic growth and community development. While having much in common, they also exhibit a number of interesting differences, including their primary motivations for business ownership as well as their main sources of financing and business advice.

You Cannot Keep Your Nation From Political Impasse, Conflict, or War By Appeasing Tyranny

Appeasement is nothing more than rewarding bad behavior. If we reward bad behavior of rogue nation-states, dictators, and problematic regimes then they will continue their path serving their own political will against that of the free world. In World War II, or just prior to it rather, there was quite a bit of appeasement going on, which in hindsight led to disaster.

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