Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill into Law #shorts

The Global Food Crisis

With all that is going in the world today, countries not having enough food to feed their people, rising food prices is leading to starvation in third world counties. Heavy rains in some countries causing top soils to be washed away and drought in other countries all lead to the food problem. I think this is as good a time as any to start an internet home based business.

Mumbai Attacks – The Indian 9/11

The terrorists struck Mumbai on 26/11 and killed hundreds of innocent people.This has come as a rude shock to the common man.They have now started asking for explanations from the Central and State Leadership.The Maharashtra CM,Home minister and the Central Home Minister had to exit.Can’t the world unite and get rid of this menace called TERRORISM. Let the terrorists know that violence has no room in the civilized world.If they can strike the World can bring them to justice and made to pay a very heavy price. Join hands and fight terrorists unitedly.

War is Not a Picnic

Ehud Barak couldn’t have said it better, and it’s time that people around the world remember these words. Even as the world press scrambles to be the first to tell us how many children have been killed, it is well to keep in mind that this whole scenario could easily have been avoided. Hamas doesn’t care about anything on this earth except for the destruction of Israel. They don’t care about the Palestinian people, and they certainly don’t care about the Palestinian children.

Life on the Border – Part II

On a recent trip to Matamoros, a Mexican city on the border next to Brownsville, Texas, signs of increased security were evident everywhere. The Mexican army set up control posts on every major artery to search vehicles coming from the United States for weapons. It seems that Texas has become a major provider of arms for the local drug cartels.

Armageddon 2009 – How to Remain Standing When Others Have Fallen

This could be the worst of times, or it could well be the best of times. Whatever they are, we are definitely living in interesting, if not tumultuous times. China, the fasted growing large economy for the past 20 years now face possible recession, with growth rates decreasing from Q3 2008 right till a possible Q2 2009. Factories are closing and many people are being laid off. Those being laid off include shop floor workers as well as senior management.

End of the Line For Hamas?

Indications are that Hamas may finally have bitten off more than they can chew. Support for their endeavors is in short supply amongst recognized nations while fringe factions cheer them on enthusiastically. Quite noticeable has been the silence of Syria and Jordan, and even Hezbollah has been stationary and mute on the issue. Egypt has cancelled leave for their military and is amassing on the border with Gaza.

Saudi Arabia’s Role in Anti-American Terrorism

The latest public relations missive from Riyadh complains bitterly that alarmist Americans “have gotten out of control” with accusations that Saudi Arabia supports terrorism. But there is good reason to state the opposite: That we ignore to our peril the degree to which the Saudis spread extremist anti-Americanism. It is particularly unsettling that the Saudis stoke such sentiments here, in our own country.

The United Kingdom Bailout

Many people are wandering why the United Kingdom government decided to deposit nearly $90 billion into banks, while lending back $350 billion to the taxpayers. When it came time to make the final decision, the UK government realized they had no choice.

50 Years of Cuban Revolution

The two legendary figures of Fidel Castro’s rebel army – Ernesto Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos was in charge of the two guerrilla columns that attacked the city of Santa Clara, Cuba’s third largest city and the capital of Las Villas province. It was the last cornerstone of Batista’s defensive strategy where his army had consolidated a huge force to resist the rebels.

Hostage Negotiation – An Interview With Anti-Terrorism Expert Dr Neil Livingstone

I spoke at length about kidnap response to noted crisis manager Dr. Neil Livingstone. Before proceeding with my report, I’d like to explain why I turned to him, as I have for many years, for insight.

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