First Funerals Held for Two Siblings Killed in Bronx Fire | NBC New York

The Evolution of Los Cristianos Property in Tenerife

Los Cristianos came to exist during the past 300 years following agricultural development after colonisation by the Spanish. During this period it has changed dramatically into an International Tourist resort, famed throughout the world, especially due to the wonderful climate experienced in the Canary Islands.

Europe Gets Sick Of Being Sick

Europeans, sick of their economic ills, try for a political second opinion. Will Americans do the same in November?

1952 – The Last Change of Monarch

1952 is a stand out year in the British calendar. It was the year that Gene Kelly was happily ‘Singing in the Rain’ while Jimmy Boyd had the unfortunate boyhood memory of seeing something he shouldn’t have. He penned the tune ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus’ afterwards! It was also the year that Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth.

Why Do Most People Not Believe That a Snake Can Eat a Woman?

Large snakes found in certain parts of the world can swallow humans whole. You not believing it does not change the facts.

Refuting the Idea of Taliban

Taliban is regarded as an idea; which means that truly confronting the Taliban means confronting their ideology. The idea behind the Taliban is something like this: America and Israel are evil, and Muslims should destroy America and Israel and take over the world to make the whole world follow sharia. This idea can be highly contagious, and it is important that it be confronted at the idea level and in so doing reduce the need for military action.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The tragedy happened during the mid-night of December 2-3, 1984, when water entered inside a tank containing tons of M.I.C. The resulting reaction increased the temperature inside the tank to over 200 Β°C and thus raised the pressure. About 30 metric tons of methyl isocyanate escaped from the tank into the atmosphere with in half an hour.

Why Kate Middleton Captures The World

A few years ago she was unknown. She was just another Brit living a normal English life, going to school, wondering what the future may hold for her. Then…

Kennedy Ng’ang’a: Artist and Philanthropist

Kennedy Ng’ang’a is an artist and philanthropist living in Mombasa, Kenya. This article and interview are about his courage to live life despite his disability.

Why Are Humanity’s Biggest Problems So Complex? That’s What Makes Them Problems in the 1st Place

The other day, I was talking to an individual about joining our think tank and we got onto the topic of global oil supply, natural resources, and free and fair trade with China. Indeed, this opened up quite a few other side topics such as military arms races, proprietary information theft, and currency manipulation. We also got into the Iranian nuclear weapons crisis, and freedom and liberty throughout the world. Then my acquaintance made an interesting statement; “we can go on and on, but this is a very complex subject, and it’s a big problem.”

So, How Long Do You Think It Will Be Until Chinese Banks Offer US Consumers Credit Cards?

Occasionally, I get in an interesting debate and argument with those who say that it is okay to deal with China even though our trading partner is manipulating its currency, and working very hard to unbalance the playing field. They tell me that eventually China’s middle class will grow, and then they will start buying products from the United States, that eventually their currency will have to come into balance, and the government can’t hold it down forever.

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