Firefighter Reacts to Deadly Times Square Subway Shove, Shares SAFETY TIPS on TikTok

Now Entering The Internet: There Be Dragons Here

On the heels of yesterday’s news item, I’m just told that India is the latest country to try to crack down on the Internet. Apparently the Telecoms minister of India met with Google and Facebook execs to pressure them into screening “objectionable” content. According to him, the government is asking social media companies to come up with a way to eliminate offensive content as soon as it is created – no matter which country it originated in.

Iran and America’s Drones

If it hadn’t before, the Islamic Republic of Iran now completely understands what makes America’s drones tick, both the hapless drone sitting in the White House and our surveillance drone sitting somewhere in Iranian territory. At this juncture, Iran probably understands President Barack Hussein Obama better than it understands our top secret spy plane although, given enough time, they, China, and other American enemies will learn plenty about the Lockheed RQ-170 Sentinel Stealth Drone. On Tuesday, Democrat congressman Dennis Cardoza (CA) criticized the president as arrogant and alienating, as a man who would be better…

The United Nations In Action: Global Warming, Global Fleecing, Global Revamping

In the wake of the second expose’ within two years that revealed the lies behind man-made global warming/climate change, instead of backtracking and conceding the facts, the United Nations went on the offensive by drafting a treaty at Durban to further milk the Western world by requiring us to compensate the rest of the planet for our rudeness toward “the rights of Mother Earth.”

The Ten Countries With the Most Incidents of Terrorism

Read the list of countries with the most terrorist attacks. These hot spots include Russia, Colombia and countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Spirituality and God Before the End of Days

There is little doubt now that we are coming to the end of human life on earth as populations are out of control and breeding is beyond sustainability, Climate change and global warming will see a massive decline of food while disease and famine will increase substantially. So where does spirituality fit into this picture?

Immigration Crisis – An Epidemic That Grips the World Now

Multiculturalism is the biggest challenge that many countries in the world face today. The unprecedented competition brought about by globalization necessitates countries to look for cheap and productive people from developing countries, to stay competitive.

What the Death of Kim Jong Il Means for North Korea

We recently visited North Korea. Based on what we witnessed there we offer some insight on how the country will respond to the death of Kim Jong Il.

The True Christmas Story

Christmas is coming. This time of the year is a time for joy,love,hope. It’s time to make some good plans. It’s time for some memories.

Doomsdayers at It Again!

With the onset of yet another new year, we have arrived at that time when all the so-called experts make their predictions for the coming year. Some of the predictions pass by without anybody taking much notice and others are observed with anticipation to see just how accurate the prediction may end up being.

Middle East Versus West Culture Clash – How About Far East Versus West Culture Chaos?

Every nation should celebrate culture, and it should be preserved for all to see and experience. We need to do that to better fully understand one-another, and keep peace in the world. Everyone should celebrate everyone else’s culture, and learn about it.

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