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Israel, Palestine and the Wall

When suicide bombings reached into Israel’s cities, they responded by designing a security wall in 2002. It was supposed to help solve the violence that has been troubling the region but ended up angering Palestinians.

Culture in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful, historic and culturally rich country located in north west Europe, bordering Germany, Belgium and the North Sea. Outside of the Netherlands it is common for the country to be referred to as ‘Holland’, however North and South Holland only make up 2 of the 12 provinces in the Netherlands, meaning that strictly speaking the two names should not be used interchangeably.

Major Events in 2010

For sure, you know how difficult it can be to choose between events. There are many event categories presenting numerous great events. This is the reason why you are able to find below the most interesting and must-see events of 2010 calendar.

Cultural Challenges of Working in Africa

Among the many challenges that new assignees face while working in Africa are cultural challenges which, more than any other factors, can determine the success or the failure of an assignment. And while the continent is made of 53 diverse countries (I can’t emphasize that enough), there are a few key cultural traits that are generally shared and at play in the work place. In 2008, I set to uncover these cultural challenges by devising and sending a survey to 200 international aid workers mostly based in Sub Saharan Africa.

Fusion in Everything Everywhere

The theory of fusion is to combine two different elements of the same kind to create a new type of breed, species or substance. What fusion does is some sort of intermarrying between one element and another. This is being applied everywhere, be it is food or drink, music, dance, dresses, architecture, lifestyle and so on.

Biotechnology and Its Future Promises For Opportunities

Biotechnology is a new field of research which is completely devoted for the welfare of science, it deals with various subjects like Molecular genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Genetic engineering and is also concerned with many other subjects of Health and Medicine, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, etc. There are many applications of biotechnology such as developing various medicines, vaccines and diagnostics, increasing productivity, improving energy production and conservation.

Ubuntu – The Legacy of South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently announced his retirement from public life. His lasting legacy will be his use of the African philosophy of ubuntu to spread peace and equality. Ubuntu is a worldview that refers to the inherent connection between all people. Because of this connection, we can reach our fullest potential only when others are able to do the same.

The Catholic Church in Singapore in Retrospect

Roman Catholicism. What is this Christian denomination all about? Established in Singapore in 1825 when a Catholic priest from the Philippines by the name of Father Anselmo Yegros come to say mass in the home of a Catholic living in the vicinity of Queen Street, many more events would take place to solidify this denomination as one of the most established faiths in Singapore.

Conflict Diamonds – What Do They Mean?

Conflict diamonds are essentially diamonds that are sold or traded in exchange for arms which are then used in either human rights violations or some kind of terror or warfare. The reason why they are a major issue is because of the guilt associated with purchasing a diamond whose value went to the purchase of arms and subsequent violence against innocent civilians.

Indian Tourism Industry Is In the Upswing

Indian tourism industry is on the high. The country witnesses steady flow of foreign tourists pouring in from Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, America and Australia.

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