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The Kashmir Problem

Kashmir had a Hindu ruler in Moslem majority state who wanted to remain independent, but an invasion by Pakistan backed tribal’s with active support from the Pakistan Army put paid to his hopes and he had no choice but to accede to India. Thus Kashmir became a part of the Indian union. The then prime minister JL Nehru in his wisdom made two blunders.

A Glance at History – The Dismissal

Just like any other country beset by internal turmoil due to political issues, Australia has many historical events that only happens rarely. One of such events was the infamous dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam from his post in November 11, 1975. The dismissal shocked the country as a whole, not only because it happened on the same day as Remembrance Day, when the whole country honors its fallen during wars; or during the anniversary of the hanging of the Ned Kelly, the most notorious bandit of the country during its early days; but because such act has never happened or has ever been attempted before.

Indian Government Creates New Tracking System to Combat Terrorists – Visa Regulations Tighten

The Indian government is continuing to tighten up restrictions on foreign nationals, with a new, integrated system for tracking all foreigners in the country. Within four years, there will be a massive new database that keeps track of arrivals and departures, as well as hotel stays, etc., of all foreign nationals in India. Every foreign national will get a unique ID number and virtual folder, and all information pertaining to that individual will be logged and made available for visa processing as well as to security services.

Architecture Wonder in Singapore

What is so unique about Singapore’s architecture? What makes it outstanding that one can really be amazed at such uniqueness? Well, different influences have contributed in creating a melting pot of patterns and designs, some not even found in other parts of the world.

What Are The Hottest Careers In Thailand?

Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand, and is rightfully bestowed with the honor of being the capital city, in addition to being the centre for commerce, industry and cultural activity. That simply means that finding a career, while in Thailand is sure to revolve around Bangkok.

The Immigration Debates Continued

According the the latest news the US will be placing 1200 National Guardsmen on the 2,000 mile US/Mexico border. This after years of a nearly open door policy, is set set to take place September 1, 2010.

Why Do People Migrate to Australia?

Australia boasts of a high growth economy with political stability, multicultural society with a high standard of living, and a temperate climate with a stunningly beautiful landscape. Most people are attracted to a better lifestyle and Australia offers one of the best options.

Stress Test For European Banks – Not So Stressful Though

On 23rd July 2010 results of Stress Test for 91 banks of the European Union were declared. Of these 91 banks only seven banks failed the stress test. And Spanish banks topped the list with maximum number of failures. Five banks from Spain, one bank from Germany and one from Greece comprised the list of seven failed banks.

Effective Ways to Combat Child Labor

Eliminating child labor is the biggest challenge the world is facing today. Strict measures and actions should be taken to completely eradicate the issue and ensure better quality of human life.

The Baltic Dry Index and Its Importance in International Trade

Whenever the future of world trade is considered, serious observers turn to the Baltic Dry Index as a leading economic measuring tool. This gauge helps to diagnose the contractions and accelerations of future economic trends.

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