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Water Problem in Haiti – International Action Provides Clean Water to 400,000 in Port-au-Prince

In Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, almost every water source is contaminated by human waste. The consequences are dramatic. The Haitian population, mostly children, is plagued by waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis and cholera. International Action, a Washington D.C based non-profit organization, installs water treatment systems in the capital, Port-au-Prince, protecting today more than 400,000 people with clean, safe water.

Mumbai Attacks – An Atrocity

Last 40 odd hours has been the most gruelling and disturbing hours in my life. My eyes fills up thinking of the innocent lives lost, and my blood boils when I think about the terrorists who did this.

Anti-Colonial Struggle in Kenya and India

Anti-Colonial strugglers include the people who were against the colonial rule in Kenya and India. They organized themselves in groups that led the rebellion to colonialists and waging guerrilla warfare to the colonizers.

World Peace Issues and Social Wellness – Christiane Amanpour to Anchor International Daily News Show

In a global village that is shrinking faster by the day, millions of world citizens are hungry for news about their neighbours. Shared global concerns about peace, health education, the environment, crime and terror, poverty and a never-ending list of issues bind us together much more than our differences. Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent, is going to be covering these issues on a daily basis soon.

Right to Information Act – India

India is the largest democracy of the world which means real power lies in the hands of the common man. Unfortunately, it wasn’t true till 2005 (58 years after independence). But now an Indian citizen has the power which can make government accountable and enables him to twist the arm of government when it is found on wrong foot steps.

China Steel Industry – Mergers and Acquisitions Will Be Intensified

China’s steel industry is among the world’s major industries and is registering the fastest growth rate not only in terms of production but consumption also (China is the world’s largest steel consumer). The country expanded its steel-making capacity to meet the demand of its rapidly growing economy. Basically, strong economic growth and cheap production base are the major driving forces for rise in steel consumption.

The Domestic Scenario of South Asian Regions

There is no denying the fact that out of the countries of South Asian Regions, India as a mainstay power of South Asia articulate a premeditated unity of the region and regard as the safekeeping of the diminutive regional actors as essential to its own safety measures. It takes into consideration the latter to be the exclusive strategic backyard of India.

World Economic Reforms

There is no denying the fact that embryonic countries constantly demonstrate a predisposition to bring in the policy pronouncement of highly developed countries in their delicate resources despite the shifting of overall socio-economic procedure virtually. In bonafide world state of affairs aspects that next to influence the strategy decisions of budding countries are found fictional in progressive countries.

Smart City Kochi

The Smart City at Kochi would become one of the largest IT Parks in India. It would be constructed in the 1000 acres of land near the existing Government owned Infopark at Kakkanad.

The Tragedy of the Common Man

Now the Indian Government has announced one more stimulus package to boost its economy. The package is somewhat about Rs. 20,000 crores. Although it looks like a big amount, compared to the enormous size of the recession, the package is similar to a drop in the ocean. However, it has its own benefits. Unlike the last time, this time, Indian government has concentrated to provide tax breaks, boost low and middle-income group housing sector, export finance for labor-intensive industries like textiles, jewelry, etc.

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