Father, Son Pulled From Car and Beaten by Dirt Bikers in Harlem

Lance Rants on How to Catch International Terrorist Cells By Luck

One thing every entrepreneur knows is how to seek out and find opportunity. The best way to find opportunity is to vary your activities, reading material, schedule or operations and then look at the new things which run across your radar screen from an out of the box point of view.

Osama bin Laden Type International Terrorist Attack in Egypt

Well it appears the other day when Osama bin Laden let the world know that he was still alive and kicking and out to rid the World of the Westerners and Infidels, gave us a little demo in Egypt. Apparently unable to hit US Targets instead the Al Queda group attacked and bombed three different; soft targets in Egypt.

The International Terrorists are Losing and the United States of America is Winning!

Every day goes by the international terrorists are losing ground to the United States military and the coalition forces. But now the international terrorists face an even greater threat to their short future and that is the new strong and united Iraqi government.

War on International Terrorism; The Forever War

Some believe that international terrorism could be the forever war in that there is always some nation state or group which works to disrupt a system of government or a cooperative organization. For instance in business there are rule breakers and rule makers.

The United States Military is Impotent in Catching International Terrorists

Some in other parts of the world believe that the United States of America cannot defeat the International Terrorists because their mighty army is useless against a band of bad guys. Fortunately this is not true at all, but unfortunately the bad guys actually believe this to be the case.

The International Terrorists and the Nation States that Sponsor Them Believe They Can Win?

It is truly amazing that the International Terrorists believe they can beat the United States Military and defeat our great nation. In fact it is incredibly ridiculous to think such a notion is so. It just proves that the International Terrorists do not understand the will and strength of the American People.

Americans Will Not Live in Fear of International Terrorism

Apparently the International Terrorists and those rogue fundamentalist regime nation states which sponsor them, somehow believe that the United States can be beaten using fear tactics? Not so.

Marketing Al Queda; What Kind of Lies Do International Terrorist Recruiters Use?

It is rather obvious from the public made intelligence reports that International Terrorists recruiters tell all sorts of lies to get people to sign up to go and kill themselves in the name of the Jihad or Holy War for Allah. Apparently this Allah fellow approves of this bizarre behavior

International Terrorists Caught in Toronto; More to Catch in BC

The Canadian Mounties have caught 17 terrorists in Toronto, however this is just one group of people, which was planning to bomb a city in Canada. In fact there are more terrorists to catch in BC and although the Canadian Mounties have caught these terrorists they are away behind in catching the rest.

Fourth of July International Terrorists; Is America Safe?

Is the United States of America safe for the Fourth of July weekend? Why do I ask well because I have no faith at all in our government to protect the American People? I do however have faith in the government to protect themselves in Washington DC first.

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