ER Doctor Charged With Intent to Sell Drugs

Iran Requires New Thinking – Not New Sanctions

New sanctions against Iran would be a waste of time. What is needed is to understand that the sanctions programs have not worked against the Islamic Republic and that the U.S. needs to start looking at the situation differently.

UN Claims 76 Million on African Continent Are Without a House

Slums are a product of large numbers of people leaving rural areas and moving to urban areas that are not equipped to handle them. Africa alone needs over 15 million homes not to mention the hundreds of millions living in slums.

The Tunku Revisited

Many would vote Tunku Abdul Rahman as Malaysia’s most beloved prime minister because of his endearing ways. His wit, sharpness of mind, empathy and compassion for the common people were legendary.

Cyberwar in Estonia and the Middle East

Recent cyber attacks in the Middle East and particularly Estonia, where the country was practically brought to a standstill, have illustrated that cyberwarfare has now moved firmly from the realms of possibility to reality. Government and military bodies worldwide will doubtless have learned valuable lessons from these recent incidents, but the possibility still exists for major disruption. In essence, IT-based attacks may have become the weapon of choice for any nation seeking to cause disruption to another and yet maintain a level of plausible deniability.

Clash in the Near Future Or Paranoia? Antagonism Between Central European States and Russia

The horrors of the Cold War have indeed long been buried deep in history books but its undefined repercussions still persist up to this date. The division between Capitalism and Communism as prevailing ideologies have strongly shaped the way modern states have perceived and identified themselves.

Saint Lucia – Are We Going Bananas?

Saint Lucia’s economy took a downturn with the decline on banana sales. Tourism is on the rise but with it comes potential change in culture. Is this the way to go?

China Stockpiling Commodities Over Potential US Dollar Collapse

Owing hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. debt has China rightly concerned, as the long-term performance of the greenback could cost them billions of dollars in losses, as the U.S. dollar loses its value. In response, China has started buying a large amount of raw materials at a fast pace in order to hedge against that real possibility.

Jus Sanguinis – And How to Register For Irish Nationality

Jus Sanguinis is the latin for ‘right of blood’, and is a social policy by which nationality or citizenship is determined not by place of birth, but by having an ancestor who is a national or citizen of the state. The Nationality and Citizenship Act of Ireland allows any person with an Irish grandparent to become an Irish citizen by registering in the Foreign Births Register at an Irish embassy or consular office, or at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

Social Issues on the Congo

Coming to terms with the conflict taking more than 5 million., Dan Balluff realized his calling was to try and save the barely remembered country. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been fighting war and other social issues.

Buchenwald Concentration Camp Report Surfaces

The expression “freedom isn’t free” means a lot to me. The sacrifices service men and women have made (and continue to make) in service of their country are worthy of recognition to the extent that they are helping to protect the rights and way of life of people they’ve never met. In short, I “support the troops.”

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