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2008 – Russia’s Cultural and Socio-Economic Attributes

Cultural attributes: Russia has long history going back to the Mongol domination of the 12th century. By the 17th century the Russian kingdom had become quite expansionistic stretching across the continent all the way to the pacific, south into the Caucases and into Eastern Europe. Russia at its most powerful controlled the mighty Soviet Union and mush of central and Eastern Europe which fell behind the Iron Curtain.

Language Controversies in Pakistan and Their Future

Pakistan is going through hard times. One of the main issues of it is its linguistic controversies.

Should FedEx Expand to Russia? – 2008

Business Climate: Hill believes that one of the Chief globalization drivers in today’s world are decreased barriers. On critical way to break down barriers is to increase infrastructure. Today FedEx is less concerned with overseas shipping and more concerned with over land shipping.

2008 – Russia’s Legal and Political Climate

Political & Government: The Russian Federation has their capital located in Moscow, one of the world’s most corrupt cities. Although the chief of state is President Dimitri Medvevev many people believe that the real power lies with former president and head of government Premier Vladimir Putin. Presidential elections are held every four years and there is no VP.

Life Behind the Great Firewall of China

A look at life behind the Great Firewall of China. This article will look into common sites that are blocked by the Great Firewall, as well as some that aren’t that perhaps should be by Chinese Government standards.

Vladimir Putin: Our World’s Greatest Hope

There were some rivalries that echo through the history and that pushed the world to become a more advanced better place. These included Prophet Musa and Ramses II; Greece and Persia; Rome and Carthage; Saladin Ayyubi and King Baldwin IV; Napoleon Bonaparte and Duke of Wellington, Axis and Allies; and the United States and the Soviet Union. I know some people are trying to make China the next Super Power that the United States might have a rivalry with, but it just doesn’t have the same feel of mutual disdain and mistrust like the good ones.

Chinese New Year Celebration 2011 – Part 1

It’s the time of the year – again…no, not Christmas, but the start of the Chinese New Year celebration – welcoming The Year of the Rabbit! It is often called Lunar New Year, as it follows the 28 days cycle of the moon, resulting in different dates every year – between mid January and mid February. Last year it coincided not only with Valentine’s Day (14.2.) but also fell on a Sunday which caused some head scratching: as CNY is the only time in Asia when all offices and most shops are closed for three days! There was a great deal of discussions as to when and where to all the thousands of red roses for all the office girls should be delivered when everything is closed?? A truly logistic challenge – as this is the peak season for florists and alike!

Obligations and Face in Lao Society

Kengchai and Bounkoun are the two most complex concepts in Lao language. Together with Face they form the moral and psychological landscape on which Lao social life is played out.

18 Day Revolution: How Egypt Became A Brand New Nation in Just 18 Days of Massive Protest

This uncommon story is a true reflection of the fact that your destiny is in your hands and you can decide to take it or leave it. A wise man said that nothing happens until someone makes it to happen. A few days ago, the people of Egypt really proved to the whole world that everything is at the state of rest until an equal or a higher force is applied to it. They proved that no human being is greater than a nation. So, they protested for 18 days and the result of that intensive and extensive massive agitation is the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

When Will Iraq Revalue Their Dinar?

What could be holding up the dinar revaluation in Iraq? Here are some thoughts and warnings for dinar investors.

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