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IGR and Formalising the Informal Economy in Nigeria

Nigeria has had a tumultuous history, marked by decades of virulent political and civilian strife since its independence in 1960. The oil boom of the ’70s brought windfall profits to the emerging state, but corruption and gross mismanagement blighted economic indicators and rendered the vast majority of its population destitute.

The Informal Economy and Entrepreneurial Development

According to World Bank estimates, between 25% and $40% of GDP in developing Asian and African countries comes from the informal sector. In Nigeria, Africa’s largest country, the figure might be close to 65% of GNP according to independent research.

Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit in Nigeria

A recent collection of essays on entrepreneurial innovation in developing economies, titled ‘Lessons from the Poor’, mentions an aspect of Nigerian clothing design. Examining the traditional adire dye industry, author Thompson Ayodele informs that the bottom 19% of entrepreneurs polled for the study earned more than state and federal civil servants.

POEA – How Filipinos Benefit From the Role of POEA to Cut Placement Fees

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) keeps an eye on the licensing of recruitment agencies pooling manpower among Filipinos to work abroad with a specific placement fee. Depending on how attractive the compensation package and destination, some agencies require a huge amount of money to be able to process application of Filipinos dreaming to work abroad.

Japanese Urban Dictionary

The geeks of Japan, but more extreme. Much more extreme. I often joke to my wife that I’m otaku because I’m, well, a big geek but she says that I don’t even come close to their definition of it. Japanese people are renowned for their ability to (quote the Last Samurai) “devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue” and if you pursue animi, manga and jail-bait dressed in a maid’s outfit then you’re likely to be an otaku.

Future of Global Terrorism

The tactics of global terrorism can be targeted to a number of areas — bioterrorism, environmental, nuclear, Internet, proxy bombs and suicide attacks. No global laws yet exist for the punishment of these terrorists and the organizations which fund and motivate them.

Getting to Know Our Russian Comrades

Article talks about modern Russia and how it has changed over the past 20 years. Addresses common misconceptions about Russia and its people.

MDG and 2020 Goals – Nigeria’s Hidden Potential

In Nigeria, evidence from the 2006 MDGR shows that there is a likelihood of achieving three of the eight goals… A critical barrier to planning for achievement of the MDGS continues to be the availability of up to date data on most of the indicators. This is compounded by the limited funding available for data generation and management1.

Swine Flu in France – French Locals Hesitant Over Cheek-To-Cheek Kiss

The swine flu in France has effected the country in much the same was as every other country on our small little planet. The swine flu has taken a terrible toll on many people around the globe and it has the potential to cause even more trouble as we flow into the end of the year. Recently, however, there has been a story coming from France that may make you laugh.

Dr Akong Rinpoche – Providing Hope and Fighting Hunger in Nepal and Tibet

Dr. Akong Rinpoche founded ROPKA back in the 1990s in response to the poor conditions of the masses in both Tibet and Nepal as well as across Europe. Dr. Rinpoche (born in 1939) was discovered by a search party seeking the first Akong who had been the Abbott of the Dolma Lhakang monastery in Kham. The search party had been given precise instructions as to where to find the boy by the 16th Gyalma Karmapa. Gyarma Karmapa is the title of the top leader of the Kamstang tradition in Buddhism.

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