Deputies release security video of deadly Orange County shooting

Induction of F-35 – A Much-Needed Boost for Israel’s Air Superiority in the Region?

This article provides an insight into the purpose of Israel’s acquiring F-35 Fighter Jet from America. It discusses how the Jet will change the dynamics in the region and will help Israel in gaining air supremacy. The most important reason mentioned in the article is Israel’s aim to outclass Arabs and Iranians in any future war. It also explains why the Americans provided Israel with such advanced fighter jet.

MALNUTRITION: Oil of a Burning World

According to UNICEF, nearly half of the total children around the world under the age of 5 die because of malnutrition. That is roughly about 3 million young minds we lose in a year. These figures seems to be even more depressing when we talk about malnutrition in India.

Why North Korea Is Not Threatening The USA Today

The President of North Korea knows that he doesn’t have to send missiles to threaten the United States because it is starting its own war within the country. What the rest of the world is seeing and most shocked about is the attitude of the President in response to the race riots in Charlottesville. He not only appears to condone them but has been taking advice from the leader of the riot and also the head of the White Supremacist Movement.

Did Senator Pauline Hansen Break A Religious Code By Wearing a Berqa Into the Senate?

When Senator, Pauline Hansen, arrived to take her seat in the Australian Federal Senate today she caused an outrage from the leader of the House. She was wearing a berqa, a Muslim complete body cover, which many think is a religious garb. The rhetoric that headed her way from Senator Brandis was one of sheer disgust that she would offend a religious group in this way.

Canadian Citizenship New Rules 2017

After reading this article you will be able to understand why Bill C-6 Canadian Citizenship is important for immigrants? what is Bill C-6?? Bill C-6 is an amendment bill passed by Canadian Senate which gives relaxation to the foreign nationals living in Canada under permanent resident status, who want to further apply for Canadian citizenship.

Slavery Is Still Raising Riots In The USA And Elsewhere

It’s an appalling indictment on the white race that the people of Africa, America, and Australia, to name but a few of the countries involved, were suppliers of slaves so that white people could grow rich. There is no better way of putting it. Over and again the stories of raiders decimating black or coloured families to seize people to bring them money on the slave market sicken me to the core.

Freedom of The Press Is Essential For Democracy

In countries where dictators control populations the press is either stymied or non-existent. State run media are often the only source of reports on what governments are doing in such authoritarian societies. Leaders in media freedom are Western nations, including the United States.

How Bad Is Life in North Korea?

It takes a brave person to speak out about the regime that is so brutal and oppressive that it pales in significance to what Hitler, or any other monstrous dictator did. We have seen many outrageous acts performed by some of them over the years. Idi Amin stands out like a beacon but how bad was he compared to the current situation in North Korea.

The Greatest Challenge

Are we being led like sheep to the slaughter by leaders after quenching their thirst off of the tears of the masses? Is mankind going to dissolve into obscurity where all that is left is woe and misery? Has the US lost it’s moral compass?

The Three Principles on Which 666 Based His Power Over the World

The man with the number 666 was a Roman Caesar, named Constantine, and he was one of the worst murderers and dictators of all time. Most think of this person as the devil, and he was close to what that entity portrays. What is not known is how he runs the world with God’s help.

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