Defense Presents Its Case in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Why Leonardo Da Vinci Fled Italy

The scientific discoveries of modern times probably all stem from what Leonardo da Vinci accomplished during his life. Aside from his remarkable paintings and drawings that explain a lot about the thinking of the time his anatomy of the human body was a master stroke.

What Is the Context of the Violent Crisis in South Sudan?

If you are confused about Sudan and South Sudan in Europe and America, than join the club! We in Africa, even right next door to Sudan and its new neighbor South Sudan, a new nation created only three years ago, are often baffled by the strange happenings that are only hinted at in sporadic, obscure, and bizarre press accounts. Clearly, part of the deeper problem with the Sudan crisis is that the world’s media is covering it very badly. An oversimplified (but always helpful!) way to understand the context in which the current violence has erupted in this barren, central-eastern part of Africa is based on ethnicity and religion. The citizens of the old nation of Sudan, one of the largest countries in Africa before it split up, often had conflicts based on religion and ethnic background. The northern Sudanese, center in Khartoum, the ancient capital city on the Nile, are largely light-skinned Arab Muslims. The people of Southern Sudan are predominantly black African Christians. It was these black Christians who voted overwhelmingly (98 per cent) to secede from Sudan as a new nation in 2011.

Getting Started With Online Conservative News Magazines

Finding the right sources for conservative news doesn’t end with television. It is more of the online news sources that are making the right buzz.

Peru’s Terrorist “Shining Path” Once Again in Media Spotlight

Many of us in Latin America believe we should have been able to put the evil memory of the Shining Path guerilla insurgency behind us 22 years ago when its principal leaders were thrown in dungeons after years of terrorism. But Peru has never been able to drive a stake into the heart of Shining Path and elements of this dangerous terror insurgency continue to plague Peru. What’s left today are “dead-enders,” as Donald Rumsfeld famously referred to them, still hiding in the Peruvian jungles. While Shining Path is no longer the political or military threat in Lima that it once was, the straggling remnants of Shining Path hide behind trees in Peru’s vast Amazonian forests.

Religions Blind Their Followers to Reality and the Truth of Reincarnation

There are none so blind as those who cannot see is a true saying and one that applies specifically to those who are brainwashed into beliefs that are nothing but make-believe. The preservation of religious doctrines and false gods is at the heart of it and keeping the congregations who pay for salvation is essential for their survival. The Spirit needs no money and does not charge anyone.

The Spirit Needs No Money and Does Not Charge Anyone

The Spirit promised that at the end of days the mountain of God would be revealed and that all people will flow to it. That has happened now through the Internet where everything concerning Mt. Zion is given for free as God needs no money to survive or to carry out the promises for the end of days.

Religious Trends Breed Hate and Oppose the Spirit of God and Reincarnation

The adage that men fight together for the love of their country and fight each other for the love of god is a problem brought about by religions. The hatred and discrimination that brought pain and suffering to most people of the world is about to culminate in a massive conflagration that will see only those of the Spirit survive.

God Is Free and There Is No Charge for Seeking Answers

The robbers charge for things that are free and they keep their victims ignorant and hide the truth from them. Now the Spirit is redeeming its own and it is doing it without charge.

The Americans and the French

When the French refused to participate in the war against Iraq, they were portrayed as cowards. This is a completely wrongful portrayal of the French. What is more likely: That a nuclear power with $2 trillion GDP would be afraid of a weak, poor and stupid enemy?

Is Government Secrecy Really Necessary in a Democratic Society?

Most people would agree that accurate information is a key ingredient to making good decisions — in government as in any other context. Even at the most modest level of government organization, the town council of the smallest New England village, information about local conditions is the indispensable ingredient (along with wisdom) in making helpful decisions about everything from budgets for road upkeep to the level of property taxes next year. This starting premise is not likely to engender many debates. The primary function of intelligence organizations in the United States is in providing information to decision-makers. Intelligence agencies do other things too, of course, such as pilot drones and organize covert break-ins, but, without question, the great preponderance of CIA, NSA, INR, DIA monies and staff and energy is spent gathering, analyzing, and packaging information for policy makers outside of the intelligence organizations themselves. The primary consumer of intelligence is, of course, the man in the White House.

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