Dad’s Racist Tirade Over Smoothie and Son’s Peanut Allergy Caught on Camera

Signs of the Arrival of the New World Order, 2011 Edition

The world is becoming a stranger and stranger place. And more and more it seems, the only way to make sense of it all is as a great, overarching conspiracy. The New World Order isn’t coming… they’re here. And the proof would be out there for all to see… if only it were being reported.

Chinese Red Envelopes – Chinese New Year – A Very Special Occasion

This practice continues today, though the origin is centuries old. As ancient and current a practice, Chinese New Year Envelopes are routinely given to younger generations by grandparents, relatives and parents, and sometimes even close friends and neighbors filled with money to buy another safe and fulfilling year for the recipient. In some cases, employees will receive year-end bonuses in red envelopes as an extra show of gratitude and blessing.

Who Are Los Indignados, and What Do They Want?

Protesters all across Europe, dubbed “Los Indignados” (“The Indignants”) are taking to the streets in breathtaking numbers. They are protesting the crushing austerity measures being levied upon them by their governments, at the behest of large international banks.

Fear and Loathing Across Haiti: Then, Too, But Especially Now

An examination of the current state of Haiti. A brief history of the nation and how it lead to its present problems.

The Media Fraternity in India

The media industry in India consists of several fields: magazines, television, radio, newspapers, and the internet. The media fraternity in India has invested well in the internet and you can easily get news online from the company’s websites. India news is made of the normal day to day life of the Indian community in the country and from news from all over the world.

For Many Syrians the Nightmare Continues

Many people do not realize this, but in 1982 the Syrian military cracked down on their citizens to stop the Muslim Brotherhood rebellion, at least 10,000 people were killed, but the estimates range from 20,000 to 40,000. Recently, we’ve watched on the BBC, Al Jazeera, New York Times, CNN, and other major news outlets as to what’s happening in Syria. There was even a tongue and cheek editorial in the Wall Street Journal about the Syrian government killing its own people during protests and riots as nothing more than; a Family Tradition.

Terrorists With Chemical and Biological Rockets and Missiles – Oh, That’s Just Great

While everyone is worried about Tom Clancy’s “Sum of All Fears” or nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists, perhaps we ought to consider the problems of WMD. Anyone who has ever read any of Bill Gertz’s books or has an ear to the railroad track in the intelligence community knows that Hezbollah has re-loaded and has 10s of thousands of rockets, and some advanced missiles ready for their next attack on Israel. Of course, if you start putting two-and-two together things seem a lot worse than they actually are right now, and no, I am not talking…

The Hunt Of Freedom In The Countries Of The Middle East

Most of the countries of the Middle East are searching for freedom and democracy by protesting. Freedom is being spread among the countries of the Middle East and each country can smell it coming.

Shocking English Exams

In many countries, including Nepal, passing English exams is a must for students who wish to graduate. Students with an understanding of English are more likely to succeed in the business world. This year, though, it seems like there may have been a few problems with the tests.

Global Cooling, A 70 Year Reprieve For Polluters?

The latest news from the US National Solar Observatory and the US Air Force Research Laboratory may turn out to be a great boon to climate change denial groups. The scientists, who are considered to be among the best physicists in the world, have come to the conclusion that solar activity is about to reach a long period in which the sun’s output is considerably reduced.

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