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The author writes a little bit of family history to show what life was like at the beginning of the 20th Century on the untamed Oklahoma Panhandle. Many Confederate soldiers left the ruined South to find a new way of life in the West. Used to living to the rugged life of a soldier, they took easily to the life of the cowboy living in the open under the stars. while others became outlaws. Into this land came homesteaders with families that were to bring stability to this No Man’s Land of outlaws. Congress had decided that this was the way to introduce Law and Order.

They’re Giving Out Statehood Like Lollipops These Days!

History has taught us that the farcical “peace process” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority breaks down every single time it is forcibly initiated by the West. The routine disintegrates because it always un-peacefully proceeds in the following manner: Palestinians make demands, and Israel agrees to them; Palestinians sense weakness and up the stakes, and Israel necessarily balks; Palestinians attack Israel, and Israel counterattacks; the world condemns Israel for its “disproportionate” response, and Palestinians secretly celebrate Israel’s global denigration without shedding a tear over the deaths of its own civilians; and then the whole sordid cycle starts again.

Blind, Rich, and Afraid: A New View on Pre WWII Appeasement

People often see the politics of appeasement worked up by Britain and France in the build-up to WWII with disgust or irony, perhaps the way they would view two bodybuilders donating machine guns to a skinny starving art major who took up rape as a career. A careful investigation of the socio-cultural, political build-up and the military situation before WWII changes the scenery. The British and French operated in appeasement not out of the naive assumption that Hitler would suddenly be a good boy if they gave him the toys he wanted, but out of a fear and distrust…

Understanding the Oddities and Absurdities in the Extreme Opens the Mind

Extreme views sometime seem to convey disrespect and disregard and could be even appearing despicable too. For example, terrorism guided by extreme view of an ideology that believes in annihilation and holds no principle to respect life is repulsive in its objective, approach and strategy. Without understanding what prompted this extreme thought and action, the retaliation often assume a horror to civil liberties and rights.

Iranian Hostages: Old Story, Same Ending

Western airlines continue to fly potential hostages to Tehran. It’s time to take some of the profit out of the body-snatching business.

The Case Against Arab Spring As Precursor to Arab-Israeli Peace

The euphoria generated by the ongoing “Arab Spring” has led certain observers to suggest that Arab-Israeli peace may be closer than ever. As the region’s tyrants give way to freedom, goes the rationale, the desire of the people for peace will no longer be denied. Unfortunately, neither the “Arab Spring” nor any other nuanced political development is likely to derail the region’s rapid motion toward misery and bloodshed.

Extent and Limitations of International Treaties

As defined in the Oxford Dictionary, a treaty is “a formally concluded and ratified agreement between states [where “state” refers to any nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government].” In many cases, treaties are also called agreements, protocols, and covenants. Trade, military alliances, and inter-state border definitions are some of the areas for which treaties are commonly executed.

Paying Pirates Is Delivering The Expected Results

We are getting what we paid for, as pirates take a successful business model to new markets. If the world’s legitimate governments value freedom of the high seas, they must defend it before this epidemic spreads any further.

Diwali – The Festival of Light

Diwali is the festival of lights and is celebrated all over the world by Indians with great joy and in anticipation that it will bring prosperity to everyone. The original name is Deepavali that has been shortened to Diwali.

The Hope for a Two Nation Theory Versus the Dream of a Single Palestine Nation Without Israel

The Palestine statehood bid portrays the picture of an ill treated Palestine seeking justice to the world. Here are the facts to note.

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