Cuckoo Clocks – Kuckucksuhren

Germany already had a long history of fine clock-making before the Cuckoo Clock came on the scene. Artisans had been making ornate clocks entirely by hand, including all the gears and moving parts inside as well as the casing and decorations. The first Cuckoo Clock and those following in the early years of production were also made entirely by hand.

The Sick Democracy of Nigeria

Most nations of the world, especially the west, would prefer democracy as an acceptable mode of governance. This is because democracy is a system of government in which people are the government and the civil society decides the trends.

Cabalgata Internacional 2010 – A First Hand Report

We’ve all watched epic western movies featuring perceived hundreds of horses and riders, but a procession of over 300 mounted riders viewed in person is an impressive sight in the modern day, even to the most jaded of western aficionados. Imagine standing by the side of a road as a cabalgata, or cavalcade, emerges from the distant Chihuahan Desert haze in a line that stretches as far as the eye can see down the two lane highway.

In the Face of Bad Publicity Long Term Christian Missionaries Quietly Serve Haitians

This article highlights five Christian Missions that have served in Haiti for decades. They are staffed by mostly native Haitians and the Americans that are in service have taken the time and attention to learn the culture and ethnic nuances of the people. These missions do not deserve to be lumped with the Idaho missionaries. These missions deserve your prayers and support so they can continue the good work they perform.

Bettering Brazil’s Education to Solidify Economic Growth

Long criticised as being comparatively inferior (particularly for the lower demographic of society) to other developing countries, Brazil has a long way to go before its compulsory education system is where it needs to be in terms of both improving the competitive intelligence of future generations and reducing poverty. The Instituto de Pesquisa Econ 244;mica Aplicada indicated that the average 25-year-old in modern day Brazil has only nine years of education.

Cultural Immersion Experiences

Mankind can be divided into different religions, different languages, different dresses, and so on, but ultimately we all belong to the same human family. Still, it is highly necessary to develop an understanding of our differences in order to successfully communicate and collaborate across cultural boundaries.

Colombia – Chaos After Uribe?

As was expected, the Colombian constitutional court ruled against holding a referendum aimed at changing the law forbidding the incumbent President Alvaro Uribe’s second reelection bid as a candidate for the Democratic Security party. After all, Uribe had already amended the constitution to pave the way for his first reelection.

Russian Market Commentary – March 2010 – Resilience and Opportunity

The month of February saw significant pressure on so-called “risk” assets as the Greek saga continued. Though the immediate tragedy has been averted, the day of reckoning has merely been postponed. Russian assets were mixed in this setting, with equities predictably down, while the fixed income and currency markets were resilient.

Ireland – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – Part One

Ireland Yesterday – “Dear, dirty Dublin.” Thus, almost a century ago, James Joyce infamously maligned the capital of his native Ireland and, while it’s still dear in many ways, his city and his country have come a very long way in that time.

All the News in the World

Do you ever wonder what other countries have to say about world events? Do you ever wonder what’s important to them? We like to believe we’re getting the news when we read the paper or watch the evening news, but are we?

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