COVID Outbreak Tearing Through Scandal-Plagued NJ Nursing Home

Catholic Church Origin in Babylonian Islam

Good stories keep their followers and no story is greater than that put up by Constantine. Although the one with the number 666 is purported to be the anti-Christ he is, in fact, the inventor of that image.

Reincarnation and Gifted Kids

Not everyone wants to believe in reincarnation but for those who experience it the return to a new life has many problems. To avoid being targeted with name calling and ridicule from others one must almost hide from what they know.

The World Today – What Lies Ahead?

The economic meltdown in the West remains fragile as it integrates economic reforms and austerity measures anew. In the latest April 2013 data released, unemployment rate hits a new record high of 12.1% with over 19 million people jobless across Euro zone. Moreover, the Middle East upheaval demanding political reforms continues and spreads like wildfires affecting more Arab nations than ever before.

Explaining About Reincarnation

For some reincarnation is acceptable because they have some connection to it. For others, however, the noise of the world drowns out any feeling they may have felt towards it.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Humans are creatures of habit. They go on with the same thinking, the same objects of worship and the same degree of ignorance that both confuses and amazes them.

The Bahamas At 40

On July 10, 1973, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas became an independent nation. In only forty years, it is amazing how far they have gone, yet their leaders realize that there is still lots to do and many needs to meet. In evaluating, it is important to consider that the United States just turned 237, and is considered a comparatively young nation.

The Hero And The Little Children – A Tribute

History is replete with leaders who changed the fortunes of their nations and captured the imagination of the world. Cuba had Castro, America had Lincoln, Egypt had Nasser, France had Bonaparte, Britain had Churchill, Vietnam had Ho Chi Min, India had Gandhi, and China had Mao. But none of these lives could be defined by the bonds of love these leaders forged between themselves and children as Mandela’s was.

The Case For Listening In On Our Friends

There is a case to be made for why America spies on allies. But it is not a case the president feels like making.

Ten Years Of Appalling Suffering In Darfur And Longer Perhaps In Other Needy Places!

We need the Presidents and Prime Ministers to take this issue seriously. Much of that suffering and pain could be eased within a few months if man would only stop and pause and think and start to care. Yes, there are other camps in other nations, and there are people rummaging on rubbish tips the world over searching for some food, and government cars drive past these tips on a daily basis. They know what is going on. What they may not know is that one day they are going to have to stand before Almighty God and answer for the ways in which they have acted and the decisions they have made regarding concern and care for the poor – for those who are really poor. There are times when you feel you have something to say and this is one of these moments. For ten years now there has been appalling suffering in Durfur with one and half million people living in camps, and these are figures from the United Nations. Why has nothing been done?

Miss England, Torquay 2013 – The Storm Rages On

It’s been a few weeks since The Miss England finals were held in Torquay and the debate they provoked shows no signs of dying down. It seems as if everybody has a view they want to air. On one side are those who think that the event was a retrograde step for Torquay particularly and who oppose beauty pageants more generally. In this camp is the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Torbay, Adrian Sanders.

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