Cousin Questioned After NYC Mother Found Dead in Plastic Bin

Climatic Conditions and Water Availability in the Middle East

The Center East is really an area dominated by arid and semi-arid lands, with substantial places of extreme aridity. In the northern section of the area, a steppe climate prevails, with cold winters and warm summers. A narrow zone contiguous to the Mediterranean Sea is classified like a Mediterranean zone, with wet and moderately comfortable winters and dry summers, whereas the central and southern component using the core of the Arabian peninsula is very dried out with very warm summers and moderate temperatures in winter.

Human Nature Around the World and Across Time

Around the world, human nature is the same, it responds to the same rules and the same simulations. People and governments should therefore take the methods applied by other people and other governments to get the same results anywhere and concerning any behavioral attitude.

Nuclear Summit And Its Objectives

After the WWII, the world witnessed nuclear arm race between the two super powers- US and USSR. Both countries tested hydrogen bombs and designed lethal nuclear weapons in order to subdue each other to be solely super power of the world. The race came to an end in the shape of fall of Moscow in 1991.

Chinese Mandarins Adore Special Luxury Goods

China’s luxury goods consumers can be easily put in two categories: wealthy businessmen and powerful cadres. The latter are often neglected due to the fact that they seldom buy luxury things home but receive them as gifts from someone else, such as businessmen and subordinates. And another interesting fact to observe is that cadres have a taste for special luxury goods, and the special luxury items they are given usually can’t be found in conventional luxury goods portfolio.

26-11 – A Sad Day For Mumbai City

The 26/11 fiasco that shook Mumbai City is one that can never be forgotten by anyone who lives in this city. It was a day when all hope was lost and people lost their loved ones to the heinous crimes of a few people who were promised heaven. It was a sad day in the lives of many Mumbaikars that ran helter skelter from all aspects of their lives so as to go home and be with their loved ones.

Cyprus – Will the Island Ever Be Reunited?

The island of Cyprus has been partitioned since 1974 when Turkey invaded and secured North Cyprus for the Turkish Cypriot community. There had been a long history of inter communal conflict, and the Greek Cypriot majority wished to achieve union with Greece.

A New Construct For Global Leadership

Ideas are a form of power. Ideas that upset the applecart of conformity can be especially powerful. This message was driven home to me at a recent conference on the ‘Power of Disruptive ideas’ at Yale.

Haiti – The Aftermath and the Spirit of the People

A few months ago I wrote an article on Haiti based on my experience of the country prior to the devastating earthquake of January 12th. It was my first trip to Haiti, which I made in December, 2009. It is surreal to drive through the city today, and see almost every other building destroyed by the earthquake, either completely, or to be demolished soon because of severe damages. The closer you get to the epicenter of the earthquake, which is just a few miles going west from the downtown area of Port-Au-Prince, the number of buildings totally collapsed is massive. Read this article to get a current and very real review of the city and its people.

A New Ethic For Water Management

It may take a brand new drinking water ethic to sway public attention toward the essential lessons the river provides civilization: an ethic to assist bring a brand new balance around drinking water choices; an ethic that helps us guard against “gigantism” and “technological triumphalism” about the a single hand but, equally essential, against an unwarranted reverence for an overromanticized past along with a “technophobia” on another. Listed here are 3 elements we believe are critical as the fulcrum for such a balance. Very first, the new ethic we require isn’t merely a single of preservation.

The Geopolitics of Desalination

Twice within the past 50 years – throughout the 1960s nuclear energy fervor and within the late 1980s, with “discoveries” in cold fusion – much of the world briefly thought it was on the verge of having access to close-to-free power supplies. “Too cheap to meter” was the phrase throughout the Atoms for Peace Conference. Even though neither the economics nor the technology finally supported these claims, it isn’t far-fetched to picture changes that could profoundly alter the economics of desalination.

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