‘Cold-Blooded Killer’ of Homeless Men in NYC Caught on Camera, Linked to Other Attacks in DC

Offshore Disaster and Inferno at Sea

One man’s wrong decision has caused 3.3 billion dollars of loss besides 24 people have lost their life. A few have sustained injuries and permanent scars.

Tsunami Victim Help

Due to a world full of fantastic people who have all been contributing to the help of the Samoan people that were affected by the Tsunami on September 29, package after package of cloths, cooking items and money have been received and delivered to the people in need. All efforts have been done to deliver everything as soon as possible after it came in.

The Fair Trade Movement Bringing Equity Around the World

For too long people living in poverty have worked long and hard for unfair wages and in deplorable working conditions. This article discusses how those involved in the Fair Trade movement are striving to bring honor, dignity and proper compensation to workers around the world.

The Hanseatic League

The Hanseatic League (the “Hanse”) was a regional alliance of North German cities and towns that operated to control trade along the Baltic and North Seas and thrived during the late Middle Ages. Historians point to the Hanse as an early example of regional integration within Europe.

How to Ship Household Goods to Thailand For Retirement

Whenever importing household goods for your retirement in Thailand, always remember that only second-hand or used merchandises may be shipped in without paying the required taxes and duties. Thus, under Thailand law, brand new household goods shipped inside the country will definitely be subjected to the necessary taxes and tariff provided by Thai law. In order to be exempt from said taxes, the Thai law requires that said used household items being transported from another country and into Thailand was used by the importers themselves at their former country of residence.

Political Unrest and Turmoil

It is obvious and evident that the unrest and turmoil generated by corrupt and selfish groups (otherwise pose as well wisher), political parties and candidates are those who lost their political battle.These people who are taking help of the notorious groups, parties and countries are digging their own grave and will have a disastrous end both materially, politically and spiritually.

Dubai – Is This a Game Changer For the Global Economy?

Just when the stock market was trading at new highs and people thought we might be in for a soft landing, Dubai threw a huge and very shiny spanner into the works. Is this a game changer for the global economy?

The Free Trade Area of Americas

The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) was an attempt to create a multilateral institution with the objective of reducing and eliminating the many trade barriers that existed between all American countries. It was also an attempt to emulate…

Zimbabwe – The Tyrant

Why is Zimbabwe experiencing so much hardship today? What is the cause? This article provides a brief overview of the problem and questions the lack of regional opposition.

How Utterly Naive and Self-Absorbed Are Americans? Three to Go on Trial in Iran

Three Americans are about to go on trial for crossing the border into Iran allegedly on a spy mission. The three young adults were (they say) simply on a trek in Iraq and accidentally ventured across the border. Now they are the center of an international incident and pawns in a the nuclear standoff with Iran.

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