Cleanup underway after massive oil spill closes O.C. beaches

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore! Here Are 51 Reasons To Love Singapore

Come 9 August 2016, Singapore will be celebrating its 51st birthday. It is therefore appropriate that I dedicate my 51st article on Ezine Articles to honor the nation for all its accomplishments. Here are 51 reasons why you should love Singapore:

Iran Nuclear Deal Falls On Its Arse – Yes, That Was Predicted

The timing of politics and world events is often too canny for me. Here we are in the middle of a Presidential Election 2016, less than 100-days away. President Obama is standing on his record and claiming a robust legacy, achievements. Amongst other things, the economy, ObamaCare and the Iranian Nuclear Deal – and while wallowing in this stated success; President Obama says; vote for Hillary and she will continue our work – chanting 4-more years. Okay but, the main points of the Obama Administration appear to be falling apart. Let’s take the one about the Iran Nuke Deal.

The Myths at the Center of the World Order

The populace movement is threatening the World Order as the establishment faces changes that were unpredictable. People everywhere are better informed and coming to grips with the facts. They now realise that myths stand at the center of it and they want change.

Preah Vihear Temple: The Temple of Dispute

An ancient Hindu temple build during the reign of the Khmer Empire during the ninth-century would unknowingly spark a contentious and unsettling bilateral relationship between Cambodia and Thailand centuries later. Sitting atop a 525- metre cliff in the Dangrek Mountains, Preah Vihear province in Cambodia, the temple became the source of a lengthy dispute between the two countries since 1962, when both countries contested over its ownership. The case was then referred to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, who then awarded the ownership of the temple in Cambodia’s favor.

Global Warming and Human Activity Controlled by God

The world is in decline as life on it suffers from many adverse conditions, not least of which is global warming. Human activity controlled by God is seeing massive destruction of forests, oceans, and even the air we breathe. The loss of species and human expansion is causing other conditions that are now coming into effect as fires, floods, tornadoes, and tsunamis increase in number, size, and power.

The Corporate Social Welfare Program

With the current economic challenges and strained financial access that have besieged private organizations due to market uncertainty, unstable foreign exchange policy, government’s flip-flop financial policies, higher taxation, unstable foreign exchange rate, corruption and so on, it has become difficult for corporate organizations to dish out money for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project in a community which does not give anything back in return. For this reason, CSR is projected as gradually becoming obsolete and transforming into the Corporate Social Welfare Program (CSWP) where both parties, i.e., the public and the corporate organization gain while the scope of social service is entrenched.

Why War With China Is Inevitable

Most now accept that we are in the last days and the bible prophecy is that the earth will burn and all life will become extinct. There are many signs that these projections are coming true and the main one is the establishment of the Mountain of God above all the mountains and everyone will flow to it (Micah 4:1). If we assume that this infers the establishments and World Order than look no further than the Internet for its fulfilment.

Instead of Trump’s Wall, Mexico Should Abolish the Catholic Church and Use Birth Control

Every nation currently struggling with massive over-population and corrupt governments are controlled by ideologies and misconceptions that increase their problems. The Catholic Church rushes into every corner of the globe to spread its lies and impose ideas that are killing the planet. It spreads lies, hate, and poverty through rules that outlaw family planning and limit population growth.

War With China Is Inevitable

It’s not the desire of Western Nations that we have a war with China but the pressure from the leadership of that nation makes it inevitable. The activity in the South China Seas is a provocation ensuring that all Asian nations, including Australia, are dragged into it. This will lead, in turn, to other countries following as the big black hole of extinction opens to absorb the human race; as the last days of life on earth comes to pass.

Paris Attack Mastermind Terrorist Can’t Talk From the Grave – We Give Him Too Much Credit in Death

Maybe we should publicize these atrocious international terrorist attacked a little less in the media. When it dominates the media cycle for a week, all it does it advertise our susceptibility to terrorism and shows how much these attacks the psyche of our culture. Where is the value in that – we are practically helping the recruitment of more terrorists and inviting similar attacks, each one trying to kill more people and get more coverage than before. This is not a game we ought to be playing with those who wish us ill, this is not a game we should be playing with our civilization and society just to keep media ratings sky high. Let’s talk.

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