Christina Yuna Lee’s Chinatown Murder: Suspect ‘Mercilessly Stalked’ His Victim

Phuket Starbucks – The Wi-Fi War

Despite Starbucks announcing the launch of free, unrestricted Wi-Fi access for customers at their US coffee shops from June 1, Starbucks outlets in Phuket are still charging customers for using their Wi-Fi connections. The Starbucks outlets at Central Festival Phuket and on Patong beach road charge customers 150 baht per hour to use their wireless connections. Customers buy a card with scratch-off strips revealing a temporary username and password for Wi-Fi access.

International News Blogs – Feel The Pulse Of Readers

International news blogs today are responding to consumer demands. With the idea of retaining consumer interest, each channel and newspaper has decided to move online.With a captive audience not distracted by commercial breaks they have a tougher job of delivering content and information. News blog readers are more alert and focused on the siphoned information.

The Buddhist Monk & The Fire Fighter

First China gave us the Kung Fu fighting monks from the Shaolin Temple, now we have a new type of monk. The fire fighting monk of the Buddhist Temple. In China Buddhist monks have been undergoing fire safety and fighting training so as to enable them to tackle blazes and other fire related emergencies that may arise within their temples.

Child Marriage in the 21st Century

Stereotyping a social malaise such as child marriage comes with the preset notion that this menace is limited to a few third world countries. After a bit of research on the subject I was astonished to discover that this form of child abuse is a global phenomenon and not restricted to countries like India and Bangladesh. However the practice of child marriage has declined in recent decades and remains common in the rural areas and amongst the most poverty stricken.

The “Shanzai” Culture in China

In recent years, Shanzhai has become quite an interesting and a new controversial word, which is completely different from its original meaning in Chinese. Chinese word “Shanzai” is now used to describe products that have names similar to famous brands lack of independent innovation in the market, imitating the other brands, especially the famous ones to achieve low-cost self product.

Easy But Impossible

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently characterized the likelihood of a resolution from upcoming U.S. force-fed peace talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as “difficult but possible.” He has it exactly backwards – it is easy but impossible.

Reliable Alternative Sources for International News

Conventionally we are used to catching up with international news through printed newspapers, the radio and of course the television. However, many people have started to doubt the credibility of the mass media and the search for reliable alternative sources of international news is on.

The Road From Colonialism to Independence

Independence. The very thought that comes to mind when one hears it or reads about it is freedom. Although independence is truly beneficial for any country as it can choose whomsoever to decide the country’s fate, along with the benefit of being sovereign, there comes the responsibility also.

Kenya National Population Census Results – Are They Really Helpful?

As the Kenya national census results are released, many people are already skeptical of them. For many Kenyans, they simply can’t understand why the results have taken so long in order to be announced. The announcement of the census results has been delayed three times. The census itself took place over a year ago and it is only now that the results are being released. Although the planning minister Wycliffe Oparanya has defended has defended the government saying that most countries actually take two or more years to announce the results, this is hardly a plausible reason.

Are You Prepared for the Potential Food Shortage?

In most countries we take our food supply for granted. There are things that you need to be aware of that the mainstream media is not reporting about the world food supply. Events are happening that may have a major impact upon our way of life. I am going to point out several events and give you some advice about preparing for a potential problem.

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