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Indo-Bangla Border – Terrorists’ Paradise

In India, terrorism has become a long standing menace turning rampant with every passing day. Unfortunately, the country is becoming more vulnerable from its neighbouring countries, which once were single nationhood. Whenever there is an attack in the country, the intelligence agency reports attribute highhandedness of India’s western neighbour – Bangladesh. The porous Indo-Bangla border has turned out to be the favourite passage for the trouble shooters.

Canada’s Arctic

Nowadays it’s hard not to notice that Canada and arctic being mentioned everywhere. Canada reaffirms claim over the North. But the question is why now?

China, Tibet, and Culturism

According to culturist principles, Tibet has a right to rule its own land. However, there is not much we can do about it.

Bjork Angers The Chinese With “Tibet! Tibet!” Chant

At the close of a performance in Shanghai, Bjork performed the tune “Declare Independence”. At the end of the song she began shouting “Tibet! Tibet!”, an add-on that wasn’t a hit with the Chinese Culture Ministry.

In Iran A Man Of 22 Was Sentenced To Death For Taking Alcoholic Drinks

The Iranian Court sentenced to death a man of 22 for drinking strong drinks. The lawyer of the sentenced told that his client went outdoors after he had drunk alcoholic drinks and was arrested in the street. Earlier he was sentenced to a corporal punishment for drinking alcoholic drinks.

Tibet – Beyond the Restoration of Order

Press reporting underpinned by a certain ideological mindset has a tendency to focus on one aspect of events currently unfolding in Tibet. There are always two sides to the coin.

“Islamophobia” and The Blame Game

The Middle East along with other parts of the Muslim world continue to blame their woes on the West, it is about time that they did a real examination to find the root causes of fear against their people. The answer may be closer than they think!

Sheltering In Panama – Put Your Trust In Hats And Umbrellas

When one thinks of Panama several images immediately spring to mind. Panama hats, the canal and offshore tax havens to name but a few. The more literary may think of John Le Carre’s ‘Tailor of Panama’, the espionage story made notable by the film it inspired starring Pierce Brosnan.

What You Need To Know About The Credit Crunch

It’s frightening, especially when your savings or pension is at stake. A number of big name banks and financial institutions, pillars of fortitude and strength, are suddenly being shaken to their foundations. Already here in the UK we’ve had Northern Rock go under and now in the U.S. Bear Stearns has gone the same way. What’s happening, and how can we protect ourselves and our savings?

A Business Woman’s Response to Alistair Darlings’ 2008 UK Budget

My initial reaction on hearing the main points of this years’ Budget was ‘right, OK…. and now something for us small business owners….’ I waited patiently; there were no great shocks as such and in a way that’s a bonus in itself I suppose – to paraphrase slightly “less news, is good news”, but there isn’t really anything that I as a member of the small business community could really get my teeth into.

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