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Future of Malaysia

Ever since Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir had stepped down, Malaysia has been going towards self destruction. What is now one of the developing nations is heading towards a third world country if the country is still unable to solve its problems.

The Things a Kenyan Woman Has to Go Through on a Daily Basis

Kenya is a male dominated State. What a man has achieved in a year, a woman has to work twice as hard as the man to attain it in the same period of time. In the past, she has been highly discriminated in the office, at home and in the general society. Cases of sexual harassment have been reported in these places too. A Kenyan woman is expected to be a wife, a mother and bring back home something by the end of the day.

Blood Diamonds Re-Surface in the Public Eye

Global Witness, an international NGO whose goal is to expose corrupt exploitation of natural resources & international trade systems and human rights abuses worldwide, has brought the issue of ‘blood diamonds’ or ‘conflict diamonds’ back into public attention. With its recent release of a report entitled, Return of the Blood Diamond, Global Witness describes a violent state of affairs in the Marange diamond fields in eastern Zimbabwe.

Water Disputes, Power Plants, and the Pakistani-India Negotiations

Water Disputes are getting much more common today than in prior decades. In Baghdad Iraq, they are running out of water, and negotiating with Turkey for more. In the Palestinian Territory they are fuming because they want Israel to release more water. The Mekong River in China, which also runs along its border and into other nations is now dry for those downstream. One big water dispute that you may not have heard of is between Pakistan and India; why is this significant?

An Innocent Man

He asked me if I had ever heard the story of the ‘innocent man’. This was a rhetorical question, an attention getting exercise, and he had my attention. We do not have, he continued, the man-power that the American army, or those British fighting forces have.

Confronting Expatriation

The advent of globalization has witnessed a surge in the number of immigrants in many nations. With business growing beyond borders, the last era has seen the dawn of the concepts like multinationals and trans-nationals.

Drilling For Shale Gas

Vast amount of natural gas has been discovered in Europe in shale rock and it is believed there may be around 200 to 300 trillion cubic feet in Europe. Advancement in technology now enables us to extract shale gas at a reasonable price.

Opening Doors in Stellenbosch, South Africa

The children in the Ikhaya Elementary School located in the Khayamandi Township outside of Stellenbosch, South Africa were asked to voice complaints about their living standards. Inadequate housing was of main concern in the letters written on scrap paper with broken pens and pencils. Lacking proper structures, the slums these children were forced to call “home” had barely survived the wettest and longest winter on record in over 100 years.

Euro Crisis – PIIGS Welcome Hungary

The crisis in Europe seems to gain one more chapter and PIIGS another letter: “H” of Hungary. On June 4 strong rumors pointed to a possible “default”, the technical term used to designate a default on its debt, Hungary due to a fiscal deficit of around 7.5% of GDP. The markets reacted quickly and the Bovespa fell 2.01% after opening steady.

Egyptian Rights Trampled Into the Sands

In the United Kingdom we have been granted incredible democratic rights with the promise of even more to come. But what about other nations, such as Egypt, where their democratic freedoms are, well, nonexistent?

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