Caught on Camera: MoMA Stabber Jumps Counter to Attack 2 Employees | NBC New York

The Economy of Terror – How Al-Qaeda and the Taliban Are Financed and What We Are Doing About it

Terrorist groups need money to operate. This article explores the methods in which these terrorist groups are obtaining money and what the United States and other countries are doing to stop the funding of these terrorist organizations. The tracking of money entering these organizations is an important part of stopping the operations of these companies.

Turkey – A Bridge Between Islam and the West

After some time reviewing the Honduran constitutional crisis, I have decided to examine another example of a country where the constitution has generated controversy: Turkey. Although I believe Turkey has proven to be a success in bridging Islam and the West, I want to be clear that Turkey is not a country without its faults. Its refusal to accept responsibility for the Armenian genocide during World War 1 is deplorable.

Debt Laden Dubai – When Will the Woes End?

Fortnight ago Dubai World’s request to its creditors for debt repayment restructuring plan had sent sentiments of global investors into a tizzy. In taking a precautionary stance, global investors had exhibited an urgency to take cover at this slight bit of adverse news in global financial ecosystem. That amply indicates that risk taking appetite of global investors is surely on the wane.

Sovereign Debt Default Scare – Is Dubai Too Big to Fail?

Just a year back, big banks and financial institutions had defaulted big time in many developed nations, especially in the US. Declaring themselves bankrupt overnight, these big financial institutions reported losses in billions of dollars on what we now know as sub prime crisis.

Partnership – New Option For Foreign Investment in China

A new door to partnership is opened by the Chinese government to the foreign investors under this post-financial turmoil era in order to attract more foreign investment and provide more employment. On November 25, 2009, the State Council of the PRC promulgated the Measures for the Administration on the Establishment of Partnership Business by Foreign Enterprises or Individuals in China adopted at the 77th executive meeting of the State Council on August 19, 2009, which shall come into effect as of March 1, 2010 (“the Foreign Partnership Measures”). The…

Terrorism and Drug Trafficking in Afghanistan

Afghanistan was the world largest producer of opiates. While throughout the war against illicit crops communists had continued to develop in areas controlled by Moujaidines. When soviets were prepared to withdraw from Afghanistan the Afghan resistance was linked to opium production and trafficking of heroin.

Pakistan Army Fighting Back

The news stories from Pakistan have been bad across the board for quite some time now. Recent days have seen the TTP-led forces within 70 km of Islamabad, “peace” deals in Swat and a rising tide of attacks on major cities. However, all is not lost for the Pakistan Army.

A Basic Idea of Romanian Money

Romanian money is called “leu”. 100 “bani” make up one unit of leu. The word leu is derived from the Romanian word which means lion. Recently on July 1, 2005, Romania got currency reforms. It switched from the old leu(ROL) to a new leu(RON). 10,000 ROL make up 1 RON. The Maldives have currency named leu too, but it does not have anything to do with the Romanian leu. Since the last two years, Romanian leu has been one of the top five performing currencies in the world.

The Effect of Typhoons in Makati Real Estate

In late September of 2009, the country was shaken by an unexpected devastation brought about by typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana). A month-and-a half’s amount of rainfall poured all over Central Luzon including Manila, destroying not just people, livestock and plants, but also causing so much damage. The condition of the people including their real estate in Manila was further worsened by a subsequent typhoon by the name of Pepeng (international name Parma). But, Mother Nature isn’t just the one at fault. Man also has some shortcomings.

Southwest Native Americans Overview

The Southwestern United States holds a great number of Native American tribes in all Southwestern states. The tribes have a long history in these states and hold their culture to this day.

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