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South Africa’s Space Programme Emerges From the Void

Many South Africans would be surprised to learn that South Africa has a space programme. Somehow this rather significant fact has managed to slip beneath the general news radar; although, as matters are still rather chaotic, perhaps that’s the way it was intended. South Africa has, by all accounts, kept a tenuous toe-hold in the development of astronautical technology since the beginning of the space race.

Saraiki Waseb Problems, Problems of South Punjab

Saraiki Waseb/wasaib consists of three divisions including Bhakar and Mianwali. The common language of this entire region is Saraiki or Seraiki or Multani.

Seasonal Workers – A Guide to New Zealand Population Figures

This guide could be useful to seasonal workers, particularly RSE Pacific migrant workers, to learn some basic facts about New Zealand’s population figures. As at 30 June, 2009, the total population in New Zealand was 4,315, 800. The population is projected to increase by 10% from 4,315,800 to 4,744,600 in 2019.

The Chinese Spring Festival and the Western Christmas

I believe that every one of you is familiar with the Christmas, but have you ever heard something about the Chinese spring festival? Do you want to know more?

African Tale – With a Happy Ending

Technological advancement has enabled Africans to continue telling Africa’s true story to the world. The business friendly Africa. The high-yield-potential Africa. The golden tropical beaches. Millions of college graduates. Yes, the Africa beyond the kid with a swarm of flies on his face that the western media have been peddling for the last 50 years.

The Golan Heights

I attended a lecture recently on the Golan Heights by Professor Ray Murphy of the Irish Human Rights Centre at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Professor Murphy was there as a member of the Irish Army on a UN peacekeeping mission in the 1980s and he returned to the Golan Heights in 2008.

The Case for Crimes Against Humanity – Professor Leila Sadat

I attended a lecture at the Irish Human Rights Centre, Galway today by Professor Leila Sadat, Director of the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute at Washington. Mr. Harris was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials after the Second World War.

Dangers Facing China

When you listen to all of the press surrounding China, it’s easy to believe the country is becoming one of the greatest, most powerful nations in the world. China is a dominant force with a massive trade surplus, and a GDP that grows at nearly 10%. However, not everything is golden in China, as the nation does face several major problems.

The Relationship Between Russia and Japan About the Island

The Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Jan and the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev attended a meeting in Yokohama in Japan. The officials said that Naoto Jan talked about the dispute on the islands. There is no agreement was reached.

The Spirits of Chinese Nation

The Chinese nation has always held human dignity and value in high esteem. Even in the ancient days, Chinese ancestors came up with the idea of people being most important, believing that ” man is the most valuable among all the things that heaven fosters,” progress and development of society hinge in human progress and development and depend on how well human dignity is maintained and how much human value is realized.

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