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Keeping Humanitarian Spirit and the Power of Volunteerism Alive

A week after super typhoon “Yolanda” battered central Visayas in central Philippines, outpouring of supports for the victims of one of the world’s strongest cyclones ever recorded in history are overwhelming and heart-warming especially from the international community. Tons after tons of arriving relief goods have become apparent over the large areas of the devastation caused by the monster storm. Military personnel, medical teams and volunteers have been fielded immediately from other countries to help in the rescue operations and rehabilitation.

Constantine and Christianity in the Roman Empire

History changes things as it builds stories of distortion that hang better with modern views. This is the case with the establishment of Christianity at the hands of Emperor Constantine.

Icons, Idols, Idolatry, Adultery and Mother God

Mary was Mother God in antiquity and Mother of God in modern faiths born of sun worship. She sits in a city built on seven hills and is the continuation of the Islamic beliefs that migrated to Rome from Babylon.

Reincarnation Requires No Saviour Such As Jesus Christ

Criminals hide in religions as we see from the abuse taking place against society everyday. They are responsible for the crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated by terrorists and deceivers through things they hold in their imagination.

Saving the World Is Out of Our Hands As God Is Destroying It Through the Work of 666

Humans are facing the ultimate end of the world and are starting to panic but there can be no solution. Even climate change cannot be stopped now although many do not even recognise it as a threat.

Echoes Of KAL 007

China’s creation of an air defense zone recalls the Soviet downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007. Seventy years of American dominance in the Pacific does not need to be erased overnight for Beijing to achieve its strategic goals.

People Flock to the Dark Mountains and Get Lost in the Confusion and Mysteries That Support Them

The dark mountains are destroying creation because of man’s dreams and ignorance. In the end they will be overturned and the mountain of God will be found above them.

The Death of a Legend: Nelson Mandela Dies at 95

Today is a day of remembrance; a great world leader has passed on to another realm. The Hero of South Africa and 27 year political prisoner Nelson Mandela has passed at 95 years old.

Roman Corruption and Conspiracy Passed on Through Religions

The Roman world was a great place to be if you were a Roman. If, however, you were a citizen of one of the nations they invaded you might have thought differently.

Madiba – How He Became Immortal

The Boston Sunday Globe said of his Long Walk to Freedom, “should be read by every person alive.” More heads of state and governments have eulogized him than any world leader in living memory. He has been out of government since 1998, yet anywhere he visited he was received as royalty. How did Madiba become immortal, a legend, and an enigma rolled into one?

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