Carpet Cleaning Service in Pine Bush Shares Tips

Carpeting is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home. How can you make your carpets last longer? Glen Marvin of G & D Carpet Cleaning in Pine Bush NY shares the following tips for long life.

  • Vacuum your carpets regularly. As a minimum they should be vacummed once or twice a week depending on usage. If you have pets vacuum regularly. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner.
  • Invest in a good furnace and air conditioning filter. Hepa filters will take a lot of the animal hair and dander out of the air. This way it doesn’t land in your carpet fibers.
  • Take your shoes off before stepping on the carpets. Families that are serious about keeping their carpets clean have a no shoes rule enforced at home. Set a place up where everyone can take off their shoers and slip on their slippers or indoor sandals. Remember your shoes pick up all the residue from oil stains from the street, driveway and sidewalk. Similiarly, Icemelt Salt will also dirty your carpeting
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly. This is the best way for your carpet stains to be treated. Just imagine what is living in your carpet pile? A vacuum isn’t going to remove this. Only professional deep cleaning can help.

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