Can Americans Donate Guns to Ukraine? Nassau County Announces Collection Drive

Thailand’s Short Term Economic and Political Perspective 2010

Thai economic growth is projected to rise between approximately 4 to 5 percent on higher exports and rising economic fundamentals in 2010, reflecting increases in tourist arrivals and employment, as well as the new AFTA Asian Free Trade Agreement. However, political difficulties and domestic turbulence should also be factored in.

The Surprise Success Story From Europe – Poland

The fact that Poland’s economy grew by 1.7% in 2009 in a time when others were falling is quite the surprise. Comparing the growth to the previous year, The Central Statistics Office in Warsaw reported this on Thursday as they cited a preliminary estimate. Many analysts had anticipated about 1.6% growth so the number was higher than expected.

Social Enterprise in Pakistan

This article discusses the opportunities for growth of social enterprises in Pakistan. The key to their success will be a bottom-up approach to development and linking this to economic growth.

How to Donate Credit Card Points to Haitian Relief Efforts

Are you looking for ways to help out Haitian relief efforts, but short on cash? No problem! Now, credit card companies and banks are making it easier than ever for people like you to make an impact in Haiti by enabling cardholders to donate points to Haiti.

Tarps Given to Haiti For Use As Temporary Shelters

Various donations to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake have included items ranging from food and clean water to first aid and medical supplies to tarps. You might ask yourself, “What use are tarps in Haiti?” In one sense, tarps are needed in any hurricane or earthquake aftermath for temporary protection.

Kumari – The Living Goddess in Nepal

Living Goddess in Nepal also known as “Nepal Kumari” has been a tradition for more than 300 years. In Nepal, people consider that the virgin girl is the reincarnation of the Goddess Taleju ( different name for Goddess Durga) and worshipping to “Kumari” will create peace and welfare in the country.

Mousavi – Why is So Much Written and Read About This Man?

Well, we all know that politics and politicians make some or the other news everyday. Further in this article we are going to talk about a famous political reader named Mir-Hossein Mousavi. I would like to tell you that he is one of the most searched names on the internet. People want to know more and more about this man. Everyday something or the other is written about him. I would also like to bring this to your knowledge that a large number of people search about his life history on the net. His name is certainly a rising niche on the net.

The Special Relationship Between Ireland and Scotland

There are many links between Ireland and Scotland and the two countries have developed a close relationship. In this article I’m going to explore the historical and cultural links that lie at it’s heart.

Ama – The Ancient Mermaids of Japan

In Japanese history lies a fascinating tradition, having to do with young ladies and the deep sea. Along the coasts of Japan, a highly prized mollusk lives deep down on the rocks.

The Mystery of Netaji Subhas Bose’s Death

Subhas Bose was a Bengali and one of the leading figures of the Indian freedom movement against the British Raj. Bose was an extremely intelligent man and had also made it to the hallowed portals of the Indian Civil Service. Born in 1897 Bose was a fiery man.

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