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Haiti – The Grief of Mass Casualties and Medical Triage

The devastation in Haiti is almost beyond human comprehension. Even seasoned reporters and medical professionals are challenged by the sights, smells, and sounds. CNN journalist Anderson Cooper described the sight of hundreds of bodies awaiting mass burial as “horrific.” Haitians grapple with these sights, mass casualties, mass grief, and medical triage.

Haiti Needs 100 Helicopters – The Miracle Workers of Disaster Relief

No other country can provide what is needed now in Haiti, except the USA. Helicopters go where there are no roads and terrain is difficult. But the 19 helicopters, which have just arrived, are not enough.

The Haitian Earthquake Brings Out the Good in Human Nature

We have been bombarded with reports and images of the recent Haitian earthquake from every side. We can not open a newspaper, turn on the TV or listen to the radio without hearing or seeing shocking images of this human catastrophe.

Helping in Haiti

In the aftermath of the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, the United States has taken the lead in bringing relief to the suffering people of that ravaged country. The cost is estimated to be 100 million and there are many in the United States questioning the practicality of spending that kind of money when our country is running a deficit in the trillions.

Domenomics – How British Civil Servants Squander Billions on Every Large Project They Manage

The New Labour government has doubled public sending from around 350bn a year to over 700bn a year. As Britain now faces bankruptcy, it might be fun to look at where some of our money has gone.

Lack Of Sound Agricultural Policies By Nations

A lack of sound agricultural policies by nations is the major drawback to achieving global food security. Food security according to the November 1996 world food submit plan for Action exists when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary need and food preferences for an active and healthy life.

How Our Governments Are Taking Over the Economy

The market crash of 2008 destroyed many Corporations that were in fact the favored engines of “free market” growth, as governments previously had passed on the responsibility of the economy to these Corporate giants. Their failure, simply meant Governments again had to step in and “save” them, leading to a current de-facto Government ownership of the economy.

Red Cross Relief in Haiti

The largest earthquake in 200 years, has just hit Haiti. They are still searching through the rubble for survivors and victims’. Hundreds of thousands of people could have died.

Is Russia Hindering United States Adoption?

There have always been obstacles hindering people from adopting in foreign countries as American families try desperately to give impoverished children a better life. And now Russia is closing its doors to most Americans who want Russian children as their own, through a process that goes back several decades.

Providing Interactive News With Digital Magazines and Newspapers

Traditional new media looks to be under threat from the ever growing world of digital and online technologies. Challenging the interactivity and diversity of digital news products and site is near impossible for traditional print on many levels. Electronic news papers and magazines are fast gaining the edge and with good reason.

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