Brooklyn Bodybuilder Pleads Not Guilty to Shooting Parents on Christmas

Trapped Chilean Miners – Unity Of Body Mind And Soul Made Rescue Possible

Who would have thought that it would be possible to save 33 men, ages 19-63 after 69 days in a collapsed mine? On October 14, 2010, the last of the 33 men plus their six rescuers were uplifted from the mine. These men epitomized all that is good in the human spirit.

Tiwanaku Alien and the Nazca Lines

The author reviews the archaeological record of the Andes and finds strong correlations between the sky god of Tiwanaku, ancient city of Bolivia, and the Nazca Lines of Peru. He concludes that the mysterious lines are merely the product of a sky-god religion brought to Nazca by a Tiwanaku missionary.

Origin of Samurai

There are a lot of Japanese words that become known worldwide. Judo might have been the first one as the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 introduced it to be an official sport in the Olympic games.

Can Israel Survive?

Discussion of American foreign policy. The Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Developing Hi-Tech Godowns – FCI

According to latest reports over 10 lac metric-tons of food grains worth several hundred crores of rupees were lost due to rotting in the FCI godowns during the last one decade alone; this despite FCI spending hundreds of crores in its attempts to prevent such losses. Loss of food grains of this order is something we can ill-afford to lose in this manner! During procurement FCI godowns are literally flooded with hundreds of thousands of bags of food grains piled-up 3-4 stories high, if not more which keeps growing!

A New Dishonest Nigerian Deal

Lots of unscrupulous characters seem to be coming out of Nigeria. They are trying to cheat people out of their money by many different means. A recent deal claims to use the FBI.

Once Upon A Time In Pakistan

The article is all set to observe the social and political unrest in the terror trodden Pakistan. The core analysis of the issues is an attempt to visualize the deteriorating social morals in the country.

Which One Will Octopus Paul Choose?

People who are fans of football may have deep impression on the Octopus called Paul during the 2010 South Africa World Cup. His magical capability of forecasting caught the great attention of the fans as well as the media within short time. Stephan, the manager of the aquarium Paul lives in once said, “the success of Paul made himself much more legendary than the World Cup.”

Fundamental Human Rights: A Celebrated Ideology

In the concept of nationhood as it is in the world today, the natural fundamental human rights of the individual citizen has been and remained a celebrated ideology. Every citizen the world over is expected to know his/her fundamental human rights so as to take advantage of such rights and privileges.

Different Preparations During Christmas Season

December 24 is the date known all over the world as the Christmas Eve, but in Ireland this date just marks the beginning of the celebrations that are normally carried on till January 6. This is the date that is known as Epiphany or Little Christmas in Irish calendar of events. This season is faithfully observed by most Irish people who consider Christmas festival in very religious terms.

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