Bronx Fire Death Toll Lowered to 17, Including 8 Kids | NBC New York

Apparently, Iranian Economic Sanctions Aren’t Working Quite As Well As We Were Told

As Iran continues to spin it centrifuges processing uranium to weapons grade, the Obama Administration seems to be failing in their efforts of economic sanctions to get them to stop. All talks have failed, and even in the past when the Iranians have agreed at least in spirit to curtailing their attempts to produce a nuclear weapon, their promises don’t last for long, and it’s hard to say if those promises were ever made in earnest – most assume not.

Chinese New Year 2013: Lion Dances, Performances and Parades

Chinese Lion Dancing, so popular in traditional Chinese New Year Celebrations (like those imminent) is even more enjoyable if you understand what’s involved. Its purpose is to bring a Year of good fortune to celebrants and onlookers.

A Roundabout Route To Brazil

My journey from Newark to Sao Paulo had to begin in Miami, thanks to America’s policy of keeping Brazil at arm’s length. When it comes to deciding where to do business, shared fundamental values ought to be as important as economic potential.

Lincoln And Morsi

A leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was outlawed for decades under a series of autocratic secular governments, President Mohamed Morsi is the first Egyptian president to be elected in a reasonably open and fair popular vote. Does Morsi see himself as a modern-day Lincoln?

How Do You Pronounce ‘Xi Jinping’, the Name of China’s Next Premier?

It looks almost certain that Xi Jinping will become the next Premier (president) of the People’s Republic of China. But how do you pronounce his name? Read on to find out how to say this tricky name.

The Modern Maritime Piracy and the Legal Action Against It

The global community is confronting with this critical issue of maritime piracy for centuries. The pirates are no longer looking for gold and treasures. Piracy in the last decades targeted ships holding goods or oil, and in many cases the ship passengers have been taken hostage for large ransoms.

Middle East Shadowboxing

Hamas was acting as Iran’s proxy in its recent fight with Israel. It did nothing to advance the Palestinian cause.

Two Terrorist Organizations – How Hamas and Hezbollah Maintain Their Public Support

Are some terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah really social organizations bound by hatred? I would submit to you that this is the case. From Lebanon, Hezbollah started a war with Israel, when Israel retaliated, Hezbollah became a construction organization and rebuilt people’s homes, built mosques and schools. They even gave hundred dollar bills to anyone whose home was destroyed during the fighting. No matter that Hezbollah started the war by shooting missiles into Israel, often using private property, schools, and even hospitals to launch their weapons from.

Chechnya And “The Big Goodbye”

Russia insists on keeping Chechnya by force, fearing dissolution of Russian Federation. In fact Russia stands much to gain from giving regions freedom to either leave or join Russia.

Arab Spring Will Trigger Ramabomb Explosions

Once again, the month-long streak of murder and mayhem known as Ramabomb has started. As civilized people brace themselves for more violence committed annually by jihadis during this period, a look back at events within the Islamic bloc is needed. The Arab Spring started with some promise for a birth of freedom. However, it has ushered Islamists into power or strengthened their grip of control on some countries.

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