BREAKING NEWS! Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s son sentenced for stabbing neighbor

Why Do Some Die and Others Survive, As in the London Grenfell Tower?

This is a question racing around the world as it deals with the after-math of the London tragedy, and the many others played out before our eyes. Mass shootings, terrorist bombings, vehicles driven through mobs of pedestrians, and now many burned alive in an apartment block. That on top of the horror in Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere as people die in their hundreds on a daily basis.

A Torrent Of Punishment

Mocoa, Colombia – Beyond the number of dead, more than 300, it’s very, very hard to watch the survivors, with their pain and trauma. Many people have lost six, ten, or even more relatives. Not to mention their friends, neighbors, acquaintances, engulfed by the mud.

The Bengal Famine of 1943

In 1943, a large number of individuals in Bengal starved to death, with most antiquarians setting the toll at 3-4 million. English specialists exploited war-time restriction to keep the news calm; all things considered, the world was amidst World War II. What brought on this starvation in India’s rice belt?

Re-Staging The 1967 Igbo Massacre

Tribal intolerance has become a major issue in Nigeria today. People have died on this course. Nigeria remains shackled by local riots and wars, due to tribal intolerance.

The Depression Falling Over the World and the Unavoidable Consequences

The Great depression of the 1930’s saw the majority out of work and countries crippled by debt unable to provide essential services. In Australia men took to walking from place to place in the hope of picking up a job here or there to support their families. This scenario occurred just prior to the outbreak of World War 2.

Arnab’s Republic a Reflection of What India Has Become – Noisy and Chaotic

Arnab Goswami’s new English news channel Republic TV is bang on target. It is very much a reflection of what India has become – a noisy, chaotic place where coherent debate without shouting, screaming and name-calling is impossible. For someone who has not watched Indian news channels for over two years now, the first hour of watching a show on Republic TV on Sunday night was frazzling.

Human Traits That Are a Trap to Catch Out the Establishment

In the jungle of human existence, it’s easy to overlook certain traits of those who are forced into a regiment of control governed by law and the establishment. The interest of such has been to obey the ruler and push everyone into an army of obedience and worship. From the earliest records we see how that was accomplished by violence, enslavement, torture, and murder.

America, God and Transgender

Now, do you think that God will forever watch the backslidden America disgrace and desecrate His name and His agreement with their founding fathers? No. Like the Americans love saying, there would be consequences. Look at that text at the beginning again. It says that as God faithfully fulfilled all His promises to His people, so will He also faithfully forsake and punish them if they decide to turn away from His commandments. If America does not repent quickly and return back to God; her source of prosperity and strength, she will suffer defeats, disasters, diseases and disgrace.

Has The USA Lost Its Position As World Leader Following the G20 Summit?

Since his election Donald Trump has proven he is not a team player. He is used to using his money to get his way in business and he lacks any form of diplomacy. Ordering people to do his bidding and sacking them on a whim is no way to deal with leaders on the world stage.

Why Governments Won’t Ban Religions To Protect Societies

It is painfully obvious to any thinking person that religions are the cause of most of the world’s troubles. From early childhood until death they brain-wash people into believing in the myths of their foundation. Their roots are buried deep in the past when ignorance and assumptions were the norm.

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