‘Bored Grandma’ OUTPLAYS Phone Scammer, Watches Cops Tackle Suspect

The Psychology Behind Riots and Looting: The August 2011 English Riots

Introduction Recent news of widespread rioting and looting in several English cities has shocked most people both in England and the rest of the world.  One widely reported video on TV was particularly disturbing and perhaps even more distressful to Asians, was that of the young Malaysian student, Ashraf Rossli, being helped up by several rioters only to be subsequently robbed by these same persons. The complete slow and methodical way these perpetrators opened his packsack and stole what they wanted revealed a complete lack of empathy for their victim.

The Devastation of Violence in Ivory Coast

Twenty-one million people call Ivory Coast home. Her largest cities are Abidjan (4,000,000), Bouake (800,000) and the capital Yamoussoukro (300,000). Hundreds of thousands of Ghanians, Guineans, and Burkinabe used to work in these cities as taxi drives and casual labors for wealthy Ivorians, but many have returned to their homelands to escape the violence.

Remembering Nine Eleven After Ten War-Torn Years

Today, 9/11/11, we look back at the events of 9/11/01; those life-changing scenes of horrible terrorist’s destruction are still very fresh in our minds. Most of all, we remember the people whose lives were changed forever on that never to be forgotten day. We can all remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when the Twin Towers, and the lives of most of the people within them, collapsed right before our eyes.

Israel – The Real Story: The Facts That Don’t Make The Headlines

The problem with the international columns in our newspapers is that everything gets simplified. In a nutshell, simplicity sells. But when you take an issue as complex and multi-faceted as Israel and the Middle East, simplistic opinions are dangerous. That’s why we need to take the time to understand some of the facts that don’t make the headlines…

Washington Earmuffs

The reality of the pressure on NY Attorney General. Proposed bank settlement is paltry when compared to the amount of damage. Washington clowns will use up our credit.

Iran on a Nuclear Precipice

Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons which its regime will not hesitate to use. In fact, there are horrifying clues that the terrorist regime may be getting close to nuclear capability. But there is good news in store-good news which God will use to fulfill end-times Bible prophecy. This article explains.

The CPO – Close Protection Officer and the Mystery Around Them

If you are familiar with the sight of the side standing companion who often is a typically tall and serious looking male in a black suit, then you will quickly be able to point out that the mysterious man is almost certainly a professionally hired close protection officer, in other words a CPO is called: “Bodyguard”. What many do not know is that a bodyguard does not necessarily have to be tall to be strong and protective.

Diplomatic Challenges With China Over Eventual Taiwan Reunification Goals

Okay so, it’s no secret that China wants Taiwan back, and that it truly believes that such a pursuit towards the re-unification of Taiwan is righteous. Taiwan obviously thinks otherwise or at least most Taiwanese do, and it wants to remain a sovereign nation. Further, Taiwan is leveraging its association with the US to prevent China from re-unifying Taiwan by force, and China says it’s none of the United State’s business.

Protect Children Now

Children are the future of the world. Children are the hope of Nigeria. Children are tomorrow’s people. They are the new inspiration. Children, our joy, our pride, our future! Little wonder Nigerians celebrate the arrival of a child with pomp and pageantry. The child’s mother receives many gifts as more and more people gather to care and cook. Where the new baby’s parents’ can boast of wealth, the family rolls out drums to celebrate the bundle of joy. Different cultures have different ways by which they celebrate the best gift ever – children.

Mainstreaming Child Rights Issues

It is a known fact that those in the Nigerian corridors of power have no articulate plan for our children. Ask most of the elected officers what plans they have for children born last year who will in 4 years be expected to sign into primary education and they’ll send for their deputies who may likely send for their subourdinates and the masquerade dance comes alive. Okay ask an easier question, “How many spaces will be open in tertiary institutions by the end of the next school session and how many students leaving secondary schools are guaranteed a place?

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