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2011 – The Year for People of African Descent

In late 2009, the United Nations General Assembly designated the year 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent. 2011 will be a year for communities around the world to celebrate and commemorate Blackness.

African Engineers: Coups and Consequences

The story of Appropriate Technology in Ghana has been punctuated by military coups and it is of interest to see how these changes of regime affected the rate of progress and areas of emphasis. The overthrow of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the first prime minister and president, on 24 February 1966, heralded the first military regime which ended in 1969 with the election of the government of Prime Minister Dr Kofi Busia. The focus changed from the Nkrumah policy of promoting big industries, and the trickle-down theory of economic development, to encouraging growth upwards from the grassroots in agriculture and small-scale rural industries. The new approach also embraced an interest in the urban grassroots with the commissioning of a survey of Ghana’s largest informal industrial area, Suame Magazine in Kumasi. Dr Busia’s survey proved to be seminal to the establishment of a serious and long-term programme to promote small-scale enterprise throughout the country.

Fair Trade Gold – Fair Prices, Greener Gold

A new initiative has been announced that will allow gold miners in developing counties to sell their gold under a new labelling system of fair trade. A partnership between Fair Trade Labelling Organisations International (FLO) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is making the initiative possible. Also, consumers are now able to choose to buy fair trade gold the same way they can purchase fair trade olive oil, avocados, tea, or coffee.

Europe Tourism Could Boom From Egypt/Tunisia Unrest

Similarly to the financial crisis, it may not exactly be PC to say that us in the European property and tourism industries are happy about the political problems in Egypt and Tunisia. But it must be said that both of these destinations in recent years have certainly emerged as worthy competitors, as travel costs in Europe continue to increase. As investors increasingly look to the booming Middle East for property investments, cheap developments have been popping up all over Egypt and Turkey in particular, while investment companies and agents sing the praises of these areas.

We Are in the Midst of a Worldwide Food Crisis

The American press missed the fact that food and not politics was behind the crises in North Africa, food was the commodity that Palin wanted airlifted to Haiti. The food crisis in Haiti actually triggered the unrest there and not the elections which hungry people largely ignored. Food aid is the most potent diplomatic, in fact, tactical and strategic move the United States can employ to quell the spreading unrest.

Egypt 25th January Revolution Message To The Whole World

On the 25th January, 2011 the whole of Egypt was taken by surprise; the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the civilian and the army and most of all President Hosni Mubarak. Nobody could have really believed that such protests would have gathered such strength. However, the demonstrations, which then became the revolution, was started by the Egyptian youth after several years of protesting on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Fire in the Middle East – Egypt’s Role in Achieving the New Consciousness

The current unrest in Egypt has highlighted the vital role of communication in our everyday lives and global events, and is symptomatic of the new era of community interconnectedness and transparency. Why is it such an important aspect of the transition to the New Consciousness?

Bolshevism Is the Mortal Enemy of the Church

During the Nazi period the Catholic Church faced the western democracies on the one hand, and the fascist totalitarian states on the other. In this environment, the Church was forced to choose the lesser of two evils as the only possible bulwark against their worst mortal enemy: Communism.

Call Centers of Kathmandu – The Quiet Revolution Taking Place

Well, one famous poet of Nepal once said ‘What’s a dream but to go and touch the stars with your hands’, and sky is not the limit for people with insatiable desire to succeed. So let’s put Nepal in the center of global map in the field of ever increasing online business.

Wealth of Australia

Australia; A dream land without a dreamer…The continent of Oceania with its vastness and all of the buried wealth still untouched and the huge potentials untapped sits on an empty simmering pot waiting for some serious effort from its politicians to fill in all of the gaps and empty spaces in its political history. Australia is a truly great country, yet, its policies lack so much in expertise and professionalism especially when it comes to regional foreign and immigration politics in general.

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