Black History of New York: Before Central Park There Was Seneca Village

Teacher’s Day in Different Countries

Teacher’s day is not the patent of China, many countries celebrate it by different ways to pay homage. But the differences are the name, history and time. Students expressing gratitude to the teacher’s manners are various also.

US Government Needs to Learn to Keep Secrets

Michael Tennant begs the question: Does the President of the United States have the authority to order the assassination of anyone, anywhere in the world? This questions comes after Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born Muslim with strong ties to the attacks that occurred on 9-11, the shooter at Ford Hood that went on a rampage last year and the so-called Underwear Bomber was added to an assassination list in April by President Obama (with the approval of the National Security Council). Initially, most people, like myself, would start screaming Due Process and recite the 5th Amendment BUT – I have to question whether or not this is the right approach to dealing with “American” terrorists.

The Question of Iran

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is no longer Islamic, and not a republic” was the disappointed conclusion of Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, a respected Iranian theologian who, in 1985, was named as successor to Khomeini. The disillusionment of many Iranians at the current direction of their government suggests that the ultimate solution to the dilemma of potential nuclear weapons is in their hands.

Christmas in Kenya

After a decade of building hospitals, clinics, schools, and even an orphange in Kenya, Jack promised that this project would be his last. Perhaps he did make a difference in the lives of others, but there is much more to do. I dream of sharing Christmas in Kenya with my children at the new church that Jack helped build.

Latest News About Commonwealth Games 2010

With the Commonwealth Games 2010 round the corner, the historic national city of the country New Delhi is all geared up to host one of the most spectacular and panoramic events of the world. The Delhi Games is the nineteenth of the series and the ninth to be held under this title.

Jews – 8 Million (BC), + 2 Millennia =15 Million, + 6 Yrs =9 Million, + 65 Yrs (Today) = 14 Million

Persecution of minorities has high-lighted the history of the world and the lessons of struggling humanity since two-legged mammals left the caves, became hunter-gatherers, then farmers, villagers, city-dwellers – and intolerant of “outsiders”. From the perspective of a continually persecuted people, the total number of Jews living at any given time narrates the story of civilization, growth and decline. Two thousand years ago, at the peak of the glory of Greece and Rome, historians say Jews numbered eight million. Israel was then conquered by Rome, Jerusalem was sacked and the phrase “Wandering Jew” described their dispersion over the globe. Then, civilization ebbed and flowed…

The Land and People of Free Palestine

Many of the Palestinians of the Middle East consider the region of Palestine to be “occupied” and renamed as Israel. To them it is the land of Free Palestine. They are the indigenous people of this ancient land. Human remains have been found there dating back to 6,000 B.C.! In Jericho, the earliest communities date back many thousands of years in the place once known as the land of Canaan. Free Palestine lies on the western side of Asia. The country is bordered by Lebanon and Syria. On the west side of Palestine lays the Mediterranean Sea. Jordan lies to the East and the Gulf of Aqaba and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula to the south. It is populated by a people who are mostly Muslims, yet are religiously diverse to include Christian, Jewish, and Druze neighbors. Most Palestinians are multi-lingual. They speak English, Hebrew and French. Arabic is the official language.

The Global Race for More Oil Amongst the Two Super Powers Considered

Trade Wars, Political Impasse, and Real Wars over resources are a fact of life for teenage nations coming into their own. Take China for instance, there will be issues, actually their already are. We see presently, a spat over Japanese fishing areas, and who owns the oceans between the two nations.

The Crime-Driven Intellectual Policy

Who would miss a crime-driven intellectual policy that appears to be without precision, whose expression is reflected in sometimes aggressive U.S. foreign policy that many find remiss, at least? United States domestic policy, too, does not address the societal violence and doesn’t maintain a precise vision for a positive future. The successful intellectual usually provides such a positive vision to the ruling groups of any functioning nation. A country without boundaries for active crime, however, will eventually develop a crime outlook, a crime philosophy, and an intellectual perspective that is based only crime.

Did China Invent the Metric System?

Shi Huang De the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty reintroduced a common, standardised system of weights and measures, underpinned by a decimal base, in 221 BCE towards reunification of a nation convulsed and fragmented by internal turmoil. Belatedly, the rest of the world has followed suit with the exception of two States – one of these omissions is surprising!

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