Biden Announces Order to Release Oil From Reserve | El Minuto (English)

Technology Cannot Defeat International Terrorism? WTF

Some people believe that the United States of America cannot win the war on Terrorism no matter what technological advances we have. These people believe that our Laser defense shield and airborne laser weapons are nothing and will not help us beat the enemy murderers who target innocent civilians.

Iran is Not a Nation State, which Supports International Terrorism

Some say that Iran is not a Nation State, which supports International Terrorism and that they are not sending insurgents into Iraq anymore to destabilize the fledgling government and kill US Troops.

International TV News – The Way Forward

What is the future of broadcast news? An interview with award-winning journalist, Afshin Rattansi.

The United States Can Never Win the War on International Terrorism?

Some believe that the United States of America cannot win the Global War on International Terrorism. In fact recently a gentleman guest in an online think tank stated that the US and World will fail to stop International Terrorism because as he puts it; You cannot kill what you cannot see. That is not true.

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