Asian Woman Killed in Times Square Subway Shove

To Iran: Go Ahead, Make Our Day

That should be the US message to Iran’s threat of closing the Straits of Hormuz. By doing so it would give a sensible American Administration not only the opportunity to blow Iran’s navy out of the water but to hit all those nuclear facilities at the same time.

Challenges of Poverty

Poverty is a sign of danger for the humanity and human rights. Driven by poverty a hungry man can go to any extent, even committing a crime.

The Need for International Support As Poaching in Africa Reaches Crisis Point

The unlawful killing of wildlife in Africa has risen sharply in recent years due to increased demand from Asia for ivory, rhino horn and other animal body parts. New privately run Anti-Poaching initiatives may be the answer to help the fight against poaching, but fundamentally these projects will rely on International awareness and support.

One Percent Against One Percent, Why This Apathy?

I met Michael in Washington and Aaron in London. Both are active members of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. They sleep in tents outside and it is cold these days. They have the courage to persevere in their cause to protest against the things that are wrong in our society… but where is the rest of the 99% now?

Y2K Bug

Y2K was the first digital doomsday scenario. Not only did it stem from a computer glitch, but programmers, survivalists, and government agencies all had the benefit of digital communication tools to help spread the word, develop solutions, and market products designed to ensure survival once the catastrophe began. Although modern technology was the source of the Y2K glitch, the predictions of widespread panic and chaos hit a nerve, and triggered responses rooted in fears and stories much older than the current crisis.

Anyaele Sam Chiyson – A True Leader

Anyaele Sam Chiyson is a rich sage whose sagacity is enlivening novelty, enlightening people, lightening places and enriching lives positively. This champion of the century has the kind of fatherly wisdom that encourages everyone around him to reach for success and attain it.

Explain The Term Valencia

Valencia, the third largest Spanish city is located halfway down the coast of Eastern Spain. It is believed to be one of the eminent cities of the Mediterranean and is especially known for its appealing climate. This regional capital is famous for its historical cultural heritage, primarily including the Silk Exchange.

Human Trafficking Around the World: The Global Reach of Modern-Day Slavery!

Human trafficking has become a global problem that can no longer be ignored. Today trafficking in human beings is pronounced as the largest slavery regime ever encountered in human history.

Typhoon Washi – In Iligan City Philippines: Death Toll Hits Over 1,200

This article tells about the horrifying Typhoon Sendong (Typhoon Washi as its international name) that tormented the Phillippines (Iligan and Cagayan De Oro City to be specific) last December 16, 2011. Typhoon Sendong killed more than 1000 people with over 500 missing victims and 35,000 survivors.

January and February Diversity Calendar – Christmas, New Year, Spring?

Just when many of us thought we had finished the Christmas holiday and celebrated the New Year, much of the world had yet to do so. Armenian Christians, and Coptic Christians in Egypt, celebrated Christmas on January 6 and those following the Eastern Orthodox rite (Greek, Russian, and Ukrainian Orthodox) celebrated on January 7.

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