As Experts Recommend 2nd COVID Booster, Will People Be Willing to Get a Fourth Shot?

Supporting the Poorest of the Poor in India

Raj Loomba has made a mark in an increasing number of affluent overseas Indians who are contributing and assisting the less privileged Indians back home. Raj Loomba has done a lot of work for the poorest of the poor, the widows and the education of their children in India over the last ten years.

Indonesia Tries to Become a Better Nation

As you may know, Indonesia is a country comprised by several islands, 17,508 to be exact. This geographically divided nation is united by the tight religious bonds that most of it’s habitants share. Learn more about Indonesia and it’s efforts to become a better nation.

Tibet – India’s Dilemma

Tibet remains one of those difficult diplomatic and political, and moral challenges for the world. This is even more so, for India.

Why Is Iran Still In The Cross-Hairs? Clues From The Project For A New American Century

Despite a recent National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) finding that Iran is not engaged in a nuclear weapons program, the push for war continues. The question is, why? The Project for a New American Century provides some clues.

Today We’re All Irish – Debt Serfdom Comes To America

The Irish were driven to America by debt, and they were reduced by “debt peonage” to a condition lower than slaves: they had no security, no guaranty of food or shelter, no medical benefits. Today this system of debt peonage has replaced physical slavery and has come to dominate the world. It is time that we, the modern-day “Irish,” overthrew our oppressors and returned to the debt-free system designed by our forefathers.

Quality Vs Quota – The Jeopardized Indian Democracy

Despite the effective PR tools in claiming India as one of the fastest growing democracies the world over, the lopsided economical growth proves to be a better index. All this can be attributed to the indifferent attitude of the top brass in dealing with the root problems. Recognition of all classes and creed is not at all in a bad spirit but when accomplished as an ill intentioned pursuit, it maligns the true essence of democracy.

The New Age of Famine and Poverty in Canada, for Canadians

Food Banks have become a vital part of our society but today, they are in jeopardy. Due to a lack of high quality and high quantity of donations and Canada’s shipments to third world countries, Canadians are finding it increasingly hard to choose between a roof over their heads and food on their tables.

Zimbabwe Explained! How Did We Get To Where We Are Today!

What exactly is Zimbabwe all about? How did it all start and how did we get to where we are today? Its only after analysing where we went wrong that we can find what and how to correct the situation!

Balikbayan Box – Why is Sending Balikbayan Box So Popular?

There are millions of Filipinos living abroad. Many of them working and supporting families back home. Filipinos are close knit and sending gifts or pasalubongs are just part of Filipino tradition.

America Misunderstood Or Misrepresented?

While the rest of the world holds many ideas of life in America, remember they base these ideas on what they see in the news or other outlets of information in their respective countries. I make this distinction because many of the preconceived ideas people have of America around the world are wrong.

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