2nd NYPD Officer Dies After Friday Harlem Shooting | News 4 Now

Mega Engineering and the Economy

Nature doesn’t cut back during an economic depression. The idiocy of infrastructural austerity will remove humans from vast stretches of formerly inhabited territory.

An Epic 2012 Presidential Campaign Looms, But Not Here

Next year could bring an epic presidential election campaign that will change the direction of a former Cold War superpower. I am not talking about the election in the United States.

Is It Okay to Hate?

With the announced death of Osama Bin Laden, social media has been filled with both people who are cheering and celebrating his demise, and with others who feel celebrating anyone’s death is inappropriate. And so it brings up the question, “Is it okay to hate?” What it really comes down to is: do you want to hurt yourself? I know this might sound like a stretch, but if you think about it, hate is not much different from refusing to forgive, carrying a grudge, envy, jealousy, or any other so-called ‘negative’ emotion.

Fighting the Anthrax Threat – By Making More Anthrax

This article covers the government response to the anthrax terrorist threat. Good intentions combined with massive government spending actually put the public in greater danger, rather than making us safer.

Facts About Nigerian People

Here is an insider tip about Nigeria people. Are you planning on visiting Nigeria and wondering the kind of people you are going to meet? What do you think of an average Nigerian male? Are you hoping to get married to a Nigerian girl, learn a bit about people from Nigeria, their hopes, dreams, and what is our earnest expectations.

Real Life “Blood Diamond”

The movie Blood Diamond was released in 2006 to accurately depict the civil war that took place in Sierra Leone from 1991 to 2002. According to the film, there was a rebel group called the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) that was bent on overthrowing the government of Sierra Leone. The RUF claimed to be fighting for the people of Sierra Leone when in reality all they did was create chaos.

Guatemala Civilian Security Patrols

Over the past five years extortions and kidnappings have increased dramatically throughout the Department of Solola. Guatemalans living in Panajachel recall hearing of someone being kidnapped every few days. A general feeling of fear has grown as many wondered who would be next. Because they were little involved, the extent of this development has been unrecognized by many in the foreign colony. Few foreigners have been targets of extortion or kidnapping and most of their contacts are with others who are equally uninvolved. The fact is, however, that Panajachel has been invaded by criminal elements.

What Is The United States To Do About Its Relationship With Pakistan?

A look at how Pakistan isn’t fulfilling its commitment in terms of fighting terrorism. An argument that Pakistan should step up its fight against terrorism or risk losing financial aid from the United States.

Mamta and Gandhi

Ms Mamata took oath of office after her party Trinmool Congress’s land slide victory as Chief Minister of West Bengal. She stands for people’s welfare and has defeated CPM on the promise of good governance, end of CPM cadre’s menacing activities, freeing police from obligation to CPM’s dictates and ensuring general welfare of masses through increased industrial activity.

Teachers and Their Contribution to National Development

Teacher’s duties on Education are of very, very strategic importance to the government of any country. Teachers inculcates moral values/virtues and disciplines, molds the characters-behaviors, inspires and impact skills and knowledge and develops individual in a country (mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and even spiritually) in line with the fundamental objectives, beliefs, customs, philosophies, policies, principles and the laws of the government of any country.

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