13-Year-Old Girl Beaten, Robbed of Sneakers in the Bronx

Difference in Working Styles Between India, US and Europe

The working styles between India, US and Europe differ widely. Many Indian corporates and multinational companies are wooing Indians settled abroad in the US and Europe to return to India and work for them. With a multitude of highly paid jobs up for grabs for the experienced professionals, many Indian expatriates are thinking of returning home to take up these jobs.

International Framework in Combating Climate Change

Most people would agree that something must be done about climate change. However, getting some of the biggest polluters on Earth to do something about it has been the challenge so far.

Global Cooperation in With an Absence of a Hegemonic Power

How will the world look when there is no more single hegemonic power? Will this effect global cooperation and the formation of international regimes?

The Courage to Try

I suspect most of us are aware of the American cargo ship captain — Capt. Richard Phillips — who was held hostage by Somali pirates on a lifeboat in a five-day standoff. I’m writing this column only hours after hearing the good news of his rescue by US Navy SEALS, and no doubt there will be many more details published before this column is in print. But what I know now impels me to write.

The End of American Hegemony

In the early 1950’s the United States rose to power as the elite world hegemonic power. After World War II, major economic powers had to cut deep into their own pockets in order to pay for their war retributions and re-build devastated countries and economies. As the effects of World War II started to wear of the United States slowly lost the drastic gap in power they enjoyed.

Export to Vietnam For Profit

Through 2007, Vietnamese economic market trends indicated that civilian aircraft and industrial rubber were the leading imported products, while cotton apparel and home furnishings topped the exports list. This trend has apparently started changing somewhat with the conclusion of 2008. But there is a huge business potential, read on to know more about how to do business in Vietnam.

ALBA Has a Solution For Energy, Food and Climate – Complain to the United States

The Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), which is Hugo Chavez’s emerging communist-block says that it has the answer to fixing all the problems that challenge the human race. So ALBA has put forth a mild form of a statement similar to the United State’s Declaration of Independence, as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia, and the leaders of Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and a couple of others, are angry at the United States.

World Malaria Day Special – Part 1 – The Issues That Hinder the Global Eradication of Malaria

This article is Part One of the author’s contribution to the events marking the World Malaria Day on April 25, 2009. It pinpoints in very clear terms the largely ignored reasons and major obstacles that are hindering the global eradication of malaria. Subtitled, “International Politics And Financial Interests; And How They Affect The Eradication Of Malaria Globally”, it is intended to draw the World’s attention to the inequities and other factors that are hindering the eradication of malaria especially in the malaria-endemic regions of the world. The objective is to sensitize the World and its people to know that there is a better way forward to achieve the Noble Goal of a malaria-free world. It is a most revealing journey and sneak view into the “uncharted terrain” of world politics and global health.

Mexico City Swine Flu Pandemic – People Fleeing to the US Bring Deadly Virus Here

We all knew it could happen and it was only a matter of time. And this time the deadly virus was unleashed in Mexico City, with 20 million potential victims. 200 have died so far and the hospitals are being will soon have to turn people away. Some hospital staff are amongst the victims. People leaving the city have brought the virus to Los Angeles, San Antonio, and even New York City.

Auschwitz – Things That Everybody Should Know

Not too many people know what happened in Auschwitz. Least of us might think, that it was the largest Nazi Germany’s concentration and extermination camps, created in Nazi German occupied Poland. thousands of people died there and we all should learn a lesson with this story.

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