12-Year-Old Boy Shot and Killed While Sitting in Parked Car in Brooklyn: Police

An Exploration Into Ancient Jaffna

When we reached Jaffna, the German students were gazing at the surroundings of the Jaffna city. My mind went far back when looking at those war-ravaged buildings to the times where the Naga Kingdom was flourishing in various parts of the Jaffna Peninsula.

The War-Ravaged Germany

I had a good discussion with Marita Kantar at the beach-end restaurant of the Aquarius Hotel. The sun had started to go further and further towards the deep-end of the Indian Ocean’s horizon. The evening sunlight shone on Marita’s face as she was seated facing the ocean directly and I asked her whether she would like to seat opposite the ocean at the rectangular table. She smiled and opted to stay where she was enjoying the glorious sunset in the Indian Ocean.

Asia’s Forgotten Kingdoms – The Kingdom of Queen Alli

While the German students were videoing the Lagoon, my mind recalled the once flourishing Nallur city off the coast of the Jaffna Lagoon, which was once the capital of the Naga kingdom. The Northern part of Sri Lanka throve during the Naga Kingdom from 6th century BC to the middle of the 3rd century AD. Nagas were of the Tibeto – Burman origin, a Mongoloid race and migrated to India 4000 BC, driven by some political disturbances from Central Asia through the North Eastern frontier of the Himalayan mountain range. Nagas were a prominent non- Aryan race in India and their names are still preserved in various parts of India.

What is a Moderate International Terrorist Anyway?

Have you ever heard the term; Moderate International Terrorist? Well, you probably will soon, as we see the leader of Hezbollah, I forget his name, but he is rather a popular figure on Al Jazeera News in the Middle East; he is now stating he is sorry that Hezbollah kidnapped the News Reports from Fox. He is equally sorry or so he says that the war between Israel and Hezbollah demolished Lebanon?

State Terrorism, Civil Wars & World of Killers

The world had seen many killers from the historical times. The political unrest and chaos in economy and society are always a contributing factor to the emergence of killers around the world. The chaotic environments always help them to rise to the top and then to survive. They usually become so arrogant and ruthless when they are in power. It is very difficult to remove them from their power base through the available democratic means, unless a revolution or an outside force confronts them.

The International Red Cross

The International Red Cross spans many countries and offers help to those in need all over the world. Their continuing support extends to people in many different situations, and each one is treated in a unique manner. Over the years, the International Red Cross has helped many people during times of personal strife and natural disasters. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is, in fact, the world’s largest humanitarian network, with a presence spanning almost every country. Its members take on many different issues and activities each year, and are able to help many people who, without them, would have great difficulty receiving much needed assistance.

Saab Withdraws International Trade Deal with Venezuela on Arms

The embassy of the United States in Sweden praised the compliance of the Saab Group to the embargo that barred the trade of weapons to nations that did not fully cooperate with the fight against terrorism headed by the US government.

Is the 20-Aircraft International Terror Plot Real?

Well, well what do we have here an Al Queda initiated plot to blow up in mid-flight some 20 aircraft using liquid explosives? Looks like the number two man of Al Queda and the junior chemists are at it again? But one might say how can we trust the authorities, as every time there is a vote coming up to keep the War on Terror going another plot is foiled or thwarted (don’t you just love that word?).

German Tsunami Mission in Asia – My Experience and Memories

I couldn’t imagine how a tremour underneath in the form of an earthquake by tectonic plate movements caused a massive disaster in the coastal areas of most of the Indian Ocean Rim countries. Memories of the early morning travel from George Town, the capital of Penang Island of Malaysia to the Teluk Bahang, the northern coastal front of the island still come to mind with the different panoramas of the Strait of Malacca and the silently waving southern seas of Andaman-Nicobar Islands in the far distance.

French Politics – The Electoral System

Penetrating the many layers of mystery surrounding the French political system and presidential elections can at times seem a daunting task for a Brit or an American whose own system is quite different from that of the French. For an American having grown up in a two-party system with party conventions, primary elections and an electoral college, the French multi-party framework where seemingly anyone can toss their hat into the ring presents a unique challenge. And the differences between the British parliamentary system, although a few similarities exist in the selection of the prime minister, are equally vast.

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